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New Game Eternal Man and I'm kinda back:)
News posted 12th August, 2008 by Rikus  
Anyone miss me?, kinda?:) Oh well i'm back anyway! Well kinda of, flooring is going into my house now meaning work is still being done on it but at least i sort of have a internet connection. Well enough talk lets get this front page party started! Lets start with a new game by Borgi that he made for Peblo's compo!

Comments from Borgi: I entered Peblo's Game making tournament too, and I submit my game here too. I've tried to put as many cameos as I could in the game, most of the people of cameos are from this site. I'm sure you will recognise them, the main character is one of the too. He was my partner in this round and we dueled. (at this time, when I wrote this, we don't know the results) Click here to go to the download page for Eternal Man.

As work clears up I should be around much more in the coming days, bare with me as i try to catch up. If you have game or project that just has to be on the front page, then let me know!

Posted by Codemonkey 12th August, 2008

Posted by Ski 12th August, 2008

I missed you...
Posted by OMC 12th August, 2008

Welcome back!
Posted by Scott S 12th August, 2008

I missed you too.
Posted by columbo borgi :C 12th August, 2008

Posted by Simon Czentnár 12th August, 2008

Welcome back, Rikus!
Posted by Mkingy 12th August, 2008

Welcome back! :]
Posted by Muz 12th August, 2008

I've seen Rikus here about half a week ago. I miss the other admins more Where art thou, Michael Hadzic?
Posted by Dr. James MD 12th August, 2008

Who are you, Michael Hadzic?
Posted by Clubsoft 12th August, 2008

The mysterious ShadowCaster
Posted by Marko 12th August, 2008

Hello Rikus!
Posted by -MacAdaM- 12th August, 2008


Posted by -Dark Martin- 12th August, 2008

YAY Rikus is back!


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