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GOTW #296: Rabbit Stew
News posted 14th September, 2008 by The Chris Street  
Seems like some people really are masochistic and are loving Rabbit Stew, created by KNPMASTER... as it was totally dominant during this weeks GOTW poll! Rabbits are cute and don't deserve this treatment. Bleh.

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Dragons, and Text Based FPS.

A very dry week in terms of submissions... where's your motivation people?!! Get game-making!

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 14th September, 2008

Everyone's making games for the Tourey! We don't have the time!!!!! ;P

Congrats Mr.Master!
Comment edited by Eternal Entertainment on 9/14/2008
Posted by Hayo 14th September, 2008

I wanted to release Fishhead 4 this week but I found some more bugs.
Posted by Marko 14th September, 2008

I played Rabbit Stew again this morning - sublime! Excellent work KNPMASTER, well done!
Posted by Mkingy 14th September, 2008

<3 KNPMASTER's work tbh. Well Done :]
Posted by Bad Panda 14th September, 2008

great game, simple but very effective
Posted by -Finn- 14th September, 2008

haha 2 games owned xP
Posted by Jon C-B 14th September, 2008

lol 2 games?!?!? Is that a record?
Posted by Cecilectomy 15th September, 2008

we already know whos gonna win.

and fix that poll please? complete fail.
Posted by MasterRaichu 15th September, 2008

Rabbits deserve every bit of the horrible death that they experience in this game.

Posted by Muz 15th September, 2008

Whoever loses this week's GOTW should be mildly embarrassed
Posted by Peblo 15th September, 2008

Eh, how's it different from other weeks? Usually one game dominates all the others, and this week is just a smaller example of that.
Posted by alastair john jack 15th September, 2008

Hayo! That's exciting! Can't believe you're actually working on it
Posted by Muz 17th September, 2008

Lol, either you're losing to a game made by a fake account, or you're losing to a text-based FPS. There are worse people to compete with.
Posted by AndyUK 17th September, 2008

It's worse to lose out to an engine.
Posted by James Luke 18th September, 2008

ill sho u. ill make a gam wich gets gotq
Posted by AndyUK 18th September, 2008

btw Mr. Street you're confusing masochism with sadism .
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 18th September, 2008

It's not as though the aim of the game is to murder rabbits, you're trying to avoid death, it's hardly masochistic really.
Posted by Codemonkey 18th September, 2008

Yeah you're right! We need to have a bunny murdering game.
Posted by Muz 19th September, 2008

I lost to an extension once
Posted by 3kliksphilip 19th September, 2008

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