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BlastFromThePast: Future Fantasy Special Edition
News posted 27th November, 2008 by Rikus  
I had to put this here, Future Fantasy is a classic klik game from back in the day. It still holds up very well and this is the 2001 polished up version. Yea! Now all we need is the wall, aol, some walkerton and vreal VS Amazing Productions and we will be back into the 90's! OH YEA! WOWOWOW;)

Comments from Kevin: So I was feeling nostalgic about this place and decided to re-upload a game that was on here years and years ago, and actually won the 24th (I think it was the 24th) game of the week nod. It's so awesome you guys are at #305!
Click here to go to the download page for Future Fantasy.

Posted by AndyUK 27th November, 2008

This wont work on my pc with Vista 64bit
Posted by Kevin Smets 27th November, 2008

Here's a version converted to TGF, this should work:
Posted by Pixelthief 27th November, 2008

I feel so old, remembering kliking when this was released
Posted by X_Sheep 27th November, 2008

Posted by s-m-r 27th November, 2008

Hahah! I think the first KnP game I ever downloaded was Choppy the Porkchop on AOL. That must have been like 1996 or thereabouts; I still remember it to this day.
Posted by AndyUK 27th November, 2008

Thanks for the TGF version Kevin. It works fine

This game is great so far.
Posted by Otter 28th November, 2008

Kevin, you should make a full blown modern(mmf2) sequel of this! It would rock!
Posted by BeamSplashX 28th November, 2008

Dear lord... I remember looking forward to this special edition release and totally failing to get any emeralds from those challenges. I feel so wonderfully old right now.
Posted by Nobuyuki 1st December, 2008



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