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Fake ClickTeam Bonus Pack - Warning!
News posted 9th May, 2009 by Rikus  
Recently I got a email from Jeff at clickteam that is worrying me a little. Apparently there are fake clickteam bonus packs going around that are asking you to put in your MMF/TGF serial number. After you type in your serial the number is uploaded to a ftp server. Pirates/Hackers can steal valid serial numbers this way.

When installing a valid bonus pack you are Never asked for your serial number only when you install the software is this needed. When you contact clickteam they might ask you for it but thats it. Also it is wise to download all clickteam software and updates from the official website. So just to let everyone know that these fake bonus packs are out there and people are trying to install them.

Click here to visit

Posted by W3R3W00F 9th May, 2009

Oh dear! I don't update too often, but oh dear!
Posted by OMC 9th May, 2009

Good to know.
Posted by Tomatokid 9th May, 2009

Whoa- Thanks for the heads up!
Posted by Scott S 9th May, 2009

Thanks Rikus! Well at least I update only at Clickteam.
Posted by Silveraura 9th May, 2009

Posted by Pisarz Ksiazkowicz (Maciej Janiszewski) 9th May, 2009

It's AIO Bonuspack? I heard about it, but there wasn't any informations on Clickteam website. Some info about fake bonuspack:

AIO Bonus Pack:
(only works on Developer version)

- WinAmp Object (mini winamp in your application)
- Aplication Clone (cloning aplication window),
- MMORPG Object (creating database of quests, weapons...),
- File Enscription (code and decode files),
- PDF read,
- MS Windows Manipulator (win XP, Vista),

Graphic Filters:
- MPG,
- WMF,
- TIF.

When i tried to look what is it, file was deleted.
Posted by steve 9th May, 2009

I dont understand how people get hold of "fake" clickteam updaters!? Surely everyone goes to to update the clickteam software...??

Or is that just too obvious?
Posted by Marko 9th May, 2009

Obviously not, but i do agree with you - it just makes sense!
Posted by Dr. James MD 9th May, 2009

Clever girl.
Posted by Muz 10th May, 2009

Maybe some people download them from other sites?

What I wonder is why people would want serial numbers. That's like getting IP addresses.
Comment edited by Muz on 5/10/2009
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 11th May, 2009

If I'm not mistaken some of the bonus packs for MMF 1.5 ask you for your serial number, And I got them from the official Clickteam site. I'll check that and confirm.
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 11th May, 2009

Maybe you should specify this is only for MMF 2, some of us still use MMF 1.5 and those bonus pack do ask for your serial number, they even check it if it's right, which I assume the fake ones cannot do.


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