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Two New Downloads
News posted 24th May, 2009 by OMC  
Hope everyone is having themselves a dandy Sunday! I've got two new downloads hidden amongst the in-progress Klik Museum submissions to post about.

First, Pentagraf has just released a very cool new zombie beatemup that he's worked hard on.

He says:
"I found this project by accident buried in depths of my HD. It was just one level, with single character and one kind of zombie. I played it couple minutes and realized: "Hey, this zombie killing is quite fun". I don't even remember why I abandoned this project. I thought 'I have to finish it.'"

Go Play Zombie Hunterz

And also today we have the release of an entry for W3R3W00F's next-gen compo. Rikus and Solgryn teamed up to make a neat little remake of a mini-game where you must dodge obstacles and collect coins on your way to the end of the level!

Play Locked 2009

Guests of the DC, be sure to sign up and join the fun! ;)

Posted by Jon C-B 24th May, 2009

Cool! The trailer for ZH looks great!
Posted by Sumo148 24th May, 2009

double post!
Posted by OMC 24th May, 2009

That's odd, because there weren't two a second ago.


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