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Two New Projects
News posted 8th August, 2009 by OMC  
Wow! Two awesome new project pages have been started today.

Fishhead 4: Blueprint by Hayo continues the adventures of Fishhead.

Comments from the Author: "Fishhead 4 : Blueprint is an action platformer pretty much like the old Fishhead games, only with more beef. The main level structure is about the same as in Fishhead 2 (collecting keys, opening doors, shooting potheads etc) but the engine is much better (Matt Esch is coding with me) and there will be a lot more gameplay elements, enemies and puzzles. Graphically I am trying to replicate the old Fishhead style (sickly candyish) in the way of the pixel. I didn't use any tool to boost my graphics like Photoshop or 3Dstudio max since 2004 and won't do so for this game. So pure pixel art, as good as I can."

Blob III by Solgryn is also a continuation of a community favorite. We join Blob to check out a whole schnitzel wagon load of new features and engines, such as lifting and throwing objects, sticking enemies to an evil sticky Katamari (clump) ball thing, and other miscellaneous doobuhdads.

Comments from the Author: "The new Blob III will have a whole new engine full of neat features"

Oh dear, I just said that, didn't I? Both projects already have half a dozen favorites and look mighty spiffy already. Go check them out!

Check out the Fishhead 4 Project Page
Check out the Blob III Project Page
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Posted by Cecilectomy 8th August, 2009

lol nice plug to the tdc chat
Posted by Muz 8th August, 2009

Heheh, Fishhead with more beef.
Posted by Introversity 8th August, 2009

Blob 3 looks great! Noticed a few great elements from other games, obviously Katamari, Smash Bros Mewtwo Plasma attack, Mario Turtle Shell, Lyle in Cube Sector.
Posted by GamesterXIII 8th August, 2009

Wasn't a fan of the gameplay . . . it seemed pretty generic, but the backgrounds here are really eye catching. Would be cool to see it in action.


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