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Klikdisc December 2009 Released
News posted 16th December, 2009 by OMC  
Is it that time again already?

Kisguri writes: "The December 2009 issue is packed with super stuff... Check out the new Shadow extension, which allows your actives to cast multiple shadows with associated light sources! Tons of MMF made creations to check out. ... Also new this issue is the first run of Flash enabled MMF creations, WOW. Speaking of flash we have a pretty indepth article on flash this issue as well as several reviews."

Check out the forum thread to see what all is included and to order your klikdisc!

For the uninformed, the Klikdisc is a compilation of submissions by the community that you buy on CD. Exclusive tutorials, reviews, demos, extensions, interviews, you name it! If it pertains to klik, it fits the disc. Keep an eye out for the next submission topic to send your own work in!

Posted by Xhunterko 17th December, 2009

The first object, which made me want to order, is not properly introduced. I only see what it can do After watching it twice. Not good!
Posted by Kisguri 17th December, 2009

Thanks Youtube (And maybe my poor recording skills) !
Posted by Xhunterko 17th December, 2009

Awesome vid though otherwise.


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