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Abandonware: JabClick
News posted 18th December, 2009 by The Chris Street  
Vertigo has uploaded a sadly abandoned, yet promising game called JabClick. But there is a possible glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, as Vertigo states that if the reactions to this game are good, the project might be restarted :)

Comments from the Author:abClick is a turn-based fighting adventure. Fight to gain experience. Earn money to buy weapon upgrades. Be sure to buy enough potions before you start a fight! The game has a lot of variety, if you don't care about the fighting, spend your money on tons of different, stylish clothing.

Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Posted by Ricky 19th December, 2009

do you still have admin powers circy?
Comment edited by Ricky on 12/19/2009
Posted by Ski 19th December, 2009

It's about time something was done about getting a decent admin
Posted by Jon Lambert 19th December, 2009

Where were your comments on the 16th when he made his other post?
Posted by Ricky 19th December, 2009

i don't live here, just visiting
Posted by The Chris Street 19th December, 2009

Rikus asked me if I would consider returning to active duty while hes on his winter break, so I said yes

Probably going to only be a temporary thing though.
Posted by Eliyahu 20th December, 2009

May I ask why this game made the news? It is abandonware, therefore stopped, and the only thing you know is that the author may or may not restart the project.

If every project update or potential project idea was turned into News, it'd be insane!
Posted by The Chris Street 20th December, 2009

Just because it's abandonware it doesn't mean it has to be ignored.
Posted by Eliyahu 20th December, 2009

Tons of very good projects are updated and in the same or even farther stages of devlopment as compared to this one. It's unfair to make news about a single game when tons of others are at its same level.
TDC doesn't even write news articles about all of the FINISHED games.
Posted by OMC 20th December, 2009

We post about those tons of very good projects. You don't want to cover the same one too often though, so there's nothing wrong with pointing out the new stuff.

Also, probably at least 80% of games end up being abandonware in clickworld.
Posted by Eliyahu 20th December, 2009

I've never seen an uncompleted project as news here, the only projects I've seen mentioned in the news are big ones that are completed.
Posted by OMC 20th December, 2009

Haven't been on the news page much then, eh? Did you happen to notice this one?
Posted by Eliyahu 20th December, 2009

I'm sorry for the incorrect wording above, I just looked in the archive and there are quite a few "New project" news posts, but what I think is a bit pointless is how it is abandonware in this case. In all other cases the projects look pretty promising and professional, yet here we have a news post of a game that we know up front might not be completed.
Posted by Codemonkey 20th December, 2009

Posted by The Chris Street 21st December, 2009

Firstly, I urge you to search for "Abandonware" and then tick "Search News".

We can't pick and choose the best games as that would create an elitist attitude and encourage many games to be overlooked.

Secondly, just because a game has been abandoned, why should we overlook it? It's almost as if you're associating abandonware with crapness and that is certainly not the case. There are so many games that showcase coding talent and creativity by users, which get abandoned for various reasons.

Thirdly, this wasn't submitted as a project but as a download. We can't be expected to update the front page at every single project update. There would be far too much to cover so it's sometimes a case of randomness. And as OldManClayton states, at least 80% of all projects become canned anyway, so, on that basis should we never post news about projects at the risk of these games becoming unfinished?
Comment edited by Circy Claus on 12/21/2009


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