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Author: Vertigo Submitted: 18th December, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Turn-based Strategy Downloads: 178

Edited By Vertigo on 12/27/2009

Edited By Vertigo on 12/21/2009

Thought I'd already uploaded this game, but apparantly not... JabClick is a turn-based fighting adventure. Fight to gain experience. Earn money to buy weapon upgrades. Be sure to buy enough potions before you start a fight!
The game has a lot of variety, if you don't care about the fighting, spend your money on tons of different, stylish clothing.

The game is abandoned and unfinished, so no new opponents will appear after you reach level 12. I might restart this project if the reactions are good!

Edit: JabClick2 is on the way, coded better, entertaining for longer!

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Posted by Solgryn 19th December, 2009

Looks really promising! You should definetely work on it! =D. It kinda felt odd with no music and the default buttons but it's abandonware I guess but with some music and more sound effects this could be awesome! Especially if you could do like a highscore list with the top rated players and stuffs.

The fighting as right now isnt so good Needs some animations but I'm sure you were headed for that.
Well, thumbs up for me, this looks awesome
Posted by Sketchy 19th December, 2009

Looks okay, but personally I'd rather you finished Assalor first
Posted by Vertigo 19th December, 2009

Haha thanks you two I don't really have time to work on ANY game "Work Experience" is sucking up all my time and energy
Posted by nick_peoples 19th December, 2009

it was really but it got too hard once the original enemies disapeered
Posted by Vertigo 20th December, 2009

it was really what? good? awesome? Yes, I know it gets hard... I am thinking of making JabClick 2, where you can fight new monsters until level 100.
Posted by Jon C-B 22nd December, 2009

I don't know if I'm just being stupid, but how do you fight?
Posted by Vertigo 24th December, 2009

Click on the sign (to the right) that says "center", click an enemy and then press attack

P.S. I'm currently working on JabClick2! It is coming along nicely but there is one weird bug that slows me down.
Posted by Jon C-B 28th December, 2009

Oh! I never realized it scrolled if you move your mouse! Thanks
Posted by Vertigo 28th December, 2009

Your welcome JabClick 2 has arrows to show you that you can scroll, for people like you
Posted by nick_peoples 4th January, 2010

oh sorry, i meant to say "it was really cool" but i accidently said "it was really"
Posted by Vertigo 5th January, 2010

Thanks for clearing that up
Posted by eliris 23rd May, 2010
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when I first downloaded it, I tested it and didn't know I can't scroll and I was also bored that there was nothing to do and no action but then I played it today(check the date of posting)I realized the scrolling and battles and accessories and changing look and upgrading skills and now I am addicted to it like people playing Warcraft, me too I am making a game like this but it is a top view (or RPG) style of game, more like sims.
PS: I am level 17 and I don't know if it is the end or there is still some ennemies exept those with the hat
Posted by Vertigo 24th May, 2010

Hey Steven! glad you liked it! There are no new enemies coming for you, however, I am working on JabClick 2 (called Slategod). I have uploaded a demo especially for you since the game is on-hold. You are the first to play it! Download it from: The game has many new features but may also have some bugs... Let me know what you think!





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