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New Quick Video: Siege!
News posted 10th February, 2010 by Rikus  
Ohh the museum brings your attention for another classic way back from 2002 Siege created by Beau[FA] has found a great spot in the museum overlooking all of the other games. If you have not played this classic game out, then be sure to give it a spin!

Comments from the Author: Siege blends the strategy and puzzle game genres to create something exceptionally unique. Using 1 of 6 generals you war with eachother with 20 unit types. These units are 'summoned' by making patterns in the puzzle grid. Sound confusing? It isn't really. Especially since Siege is complete with its own super-easy to use tutorial. Packing catchy music, great graphics, and a unique, fun-to-play style, Siege is a classic

Click here to download Siege !!

Posted by Fanotherpg 10th February, 2010

Ahh it's lovely game. Good to have it upfront... And where is Klikcast?
Posted by GamesterXIII 12th February, 2010

This game was terrible and terribly balanced to boot.

The puzzle system was impressive for its time though.


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