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New Quick Video: Red Feud
News posted 12th February, 2010 by Rikus  
Hey since we are on the classic game train, here is another! Once created for a daily click compo back in 2002, now a solid action platformer classic and part of the museum! Red Feud created by Marten (yes the same dude who created the recent hit Walkie Tonky) is a great platforming experience that still plays awesome today!

Comments from the Author: Within ages of tremors a world is created. We travel eons in space to go from body to race. Eventually chaos will settle it's lust for change and let us evolve on our own. That is when we come up with ideas such as greed, jealousy and rivaltry. Universal ideas which will push our way of living to the edge of conflict and that's where you come in... (Actually it's a simple saver/savé story but I wanted to let you explore it on your own)

Click here to download Red Feud !!

Posted by GamesterXIII 12th February, 2010

This game is great. One of the few click titles actually worth downloading and playing.

Posted by Ski 12th February, 2010

Wow it would seem that guy hasn't been around for almost a year now?


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