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The Spirit Engine 2 NOW Freeware
News posted 16th February, 2010 by OMC  
You all knew about its coming, since I gave it a newspost. But it wasn't here yet! According to The IndieGames Blog, The Spirit Engine 2 is out now, as freeware.

Comments from Tim: "No question that The Spirit Engine 2 is our Freeware Game Pick of the week. Mark Pay's sequel to the original TSE released way back in 2003 (also free to download), this side-scrolling RPG now doesn't cost you a single cent and will offer you hours upon hours of gameplay enjoyment."

Visit the Blog post with download links

Posted by Ricky 16th February, 2010

It's strange, I could swear i saw this exact same news post here before. But i can't find it

Posted by Ski 16th February, 2010

Yeah its been on a few sites a few days ago
Posted by GamesterXIII 16th February, 2010

Posted by Dave C 16th February, 2010

gamester is just jealous of Mark because he has the discipline and motivation to create epic games from start to finish, and all gamester can muster is a mediocre platform engine with some stats.
Posted by Ricky 16th February, 2010

Posted by alastair john jack 16th February, 2010

Pretty good game.
Posted by Jason Orme 17th February, 2010

Always loved how clean the graphics looked.
Posted by Rhys D 17th February, 2010

can't download from either mirror. one has some stupid survey you have to fill out before downloading (enter your phone number no thanks) and the other one gives me an error when running about missing a CD
Posted by Assault Andy 17th February, 2010

This is awesome.
Posted by CYS 17th February, 2010

Hopefully people can appreciate the huge amount of effort placed into the game. Really sad its not selling.
Posted by alastair john jack 17th February, 2010

Rhys D that happened to me the other day when getting it from the 2nd mirror. But when I downloaded it today, I didn't get the error.
Posted by W3R3W00F 17th February, 2010

I used to be excited, but now... I'm sad. I guess I would've rather paid for it than DL'd it for free.
Nonetheless I'll give it a try.
Posted by Muz 17th February, 2010

Lol, Ricky, yeah, deja vu.

It's not surprising, because TSE2 really had a small target base.. people who like turn-based strategic RPGs. TSE1 wasn't addictive enough to pull it off, and you need some addiction factor to sell after the hype wears off.

I saw it for sale on CD at a pirate stall in Malaysia. They put it under games like Torchlight and Dragon Age. I guess that's a great compliment, even if someone else is making money off it illegally.
Posted by Rhys D 17th February, 2010

I tried the mirror that was giving the error again and its downloading at 5kb/s so I give up for now
Posted by Fanotherpg 17th February, 2010

I didn't have money to support them at time, so at least now I can support in this way.
Posted by Xhunterko 17th February, 2010

Just curious if this is open source as well?
Posted by alastair john jack 17th February, 2010

Posted by Edron 18th February, 2010

he'd never release his sources...hes too shy about ppl looking into his "unorganized" workflow.
Posted by Marko 18th February, 2010

They say all artists work in a mess.
Posted by Muz 18th February, 2010

I've seen some of Mark's older games open sourced. They're really not so unorganized. Then again, I was pretty unorganized back then, so I'm not a good judge


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