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Quick Video: Ancient Sword
News posted 19th February, 2010 by Rikus  
Ohhh a classic action-platformer has been added to the site by the caretaker. However we have a weird problem, we dont have any idea who made this game! Looks to be coming from Germany but who knows. If anyone knows who made this, let us know so we can give proper credit!

Comments from umm us: Save the world with your trusty sword. Level your sword up by fighting enemies and watch out for the waterfalls!

Click here to download Ancient Sword !!

Posted by alastair john jack 19th February, 2010

haven't seen that before Looks like it has some decent animation
Posted by Rikus 19th February, 2010

Yea if you play it, the animation is very smooth, good job on whoever made it!
Posted by Dave C 19th February, 2010

lol it's defintely not a german game, looks like it was made by some japanese dude. but this particular package of the game came from a german site.

its not bad... needs music badly, and the hit detection on the first boss seemed completely random to me.
Posted by Rikus 19th February, 2010

Here is something to figure out, I found out the game does have a music directory and has some midis but for some weird reason it is not playing in the game, if someone could figure that out...
Posted by GamesterXIII 19th February, 2010

Perfect animations. The game looks good compared to most click games, though I would expect more from a game with animations of this magnitude.
<br />

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People say graphics don't matter. Graphics CAN make or break a game - particularly when it comes to animations.
Comment edited by GamesterXIII on 2/19/2010

Whoever made this also has a nice grasp on camera effects and tiny "action" sequences, which is something we never see in click games.

Comment edited by GamesterXIII on 2/19/2010
Posted by The Chris Street 19th February, 2010

Yup. Definitely a Japanese game by someone called kinoko_q software
Comment edited by Chris Street on 2/19/2010
Posted by Marko 19th February, 2010

Looks bloody brilliant!!
Posted by GamesterXIII 20th February, 2010

I'm a bit confused, but a friend of mine claims to have done the graphics on this game.

It reminded me of legend of xandor (if anyone played it, the sunflare effect should have given it away) and I remember my friend having some involvment with the creator of that, so I asked him if it was indeed the same person. According to him it is.

He said he has been looking for this game forever since he did some work on it.

I am lost.



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