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New Games coming to the arcade!
News posted 20th March, 2010 by Rikus  
Happy friday people! Just a little heads up that tonight and/or tomorrow you will see some cool new games coming up on the arcade! We will try to put up new games often so be sure to keep checking and try and get that first place!

Click here to check the Arcade Compo rules topic!

Posted by W3R3W00F 20th March, 2010

Posted by Strife 20th March, 2010

I'm psyched. More games = More reasons to keep Arcadin'.
Posted by Rikus 20th March, 2010

Well it should be today hopefully, but I have not seen clubsoft online yet all day today = weirdness.
Posted by W3R3W00F 21st March, 2010

Oh well, maybe tomorrers.
Posted by Ski 21st March, 2010

Clubsoft has been on Clickteam chat all day

I honestly don't understand how people can play in the arcade so much with the current games :/
Posted by Rikus 21st March, 2010

So not only are you dissing the people who made the current batch of Arcade games, you are also dissing the people who are playing them. Nice.
Posted by Rhys D 21st March, 2010

because they find them fun and like challenging other people to high scores??
Posted by Ski 21st March, 2010

Rikus you even agreed a few days ago, that the arcade needed new games.
Posted by W3R3W00F 21st March, 2010

You're implying that he said it needs new games to replace the old. He meant it needs MORE games that are new to the arcade. Gracious, learn to Discern.

Last regards: you're not being any bit useful to the arcade, so shut up.
Posted by RedEnchilada 21st March, 2010

Guys, stop fighting! You're making me sad!
Posted by 7Soul 22nd March, 2010

Where are the new games?
Posted by Clubsoft 22nd March, 2010

Sorry about the delay, just had a few small issues with a couple of games, waiting on authors to get back to me, I might put a few up tonight and a few more tomorrow
Posted by Cecilectomy 23rd March, 2010

bleh delays. oh and when are you gonna turn daily points on? every day that goes by that i dont get points for my hard earned top scores angers me >: (



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