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Article: From Flash to PSP Mini Game - Pitch to Sony
News posted 1st June, 2010 by Rikus  
I found this great article on a flash developer futurlab who made a gaming pitch to Sony in the UK. The folks at Sony were so impressed that Futurlab now released their first game for the Sony PSP called Coconut Dodge, it is a fun game with colorful graphics and solid gameplay.

Be sure to support the developer by buying the game. Its not out yet in North-America but folks in europe should already be able to get their hands on it for pretty cheap.

The blog post on the next link from the developer makes for a great and inspiring story on how to pitch your game in a creative way. Futurlab Pitch to Sony Article

Posted by joolsvurn 2nd June, 2010

It's interesting just how small a project the Sony execs were willing to trust them with doing.
Posted by GamesterXIII 3rd June, 2010

^- Its sad that this game was probably a much larger project than most of the games on this website.

The game looks good.
Posted by nim 3rd June, 2010

I enjoyed reading the story. Interesting concept for a game, although I can't see how it could be pulled off. Coconut Dodge looks like a Flash game; nothing I'd pay for.
Posted by Rikus 3rd June, 2010

It looks lots of fun and I think its only 2 pounds or something.
Posted by James Marsden 3rd June, 2010

Hi folks,

Thanks for picking up our story and posting it Rikus!

To answer some of your questions - Coconut Dodge has nothing to do with the project we pitched to Sony. We worked on two projects that were a lot more ambitious, and they were more ambitious because we were being paid to work on them.

However, both of those projects were canceled for reasons outside of our control.

So, we decided to make Coconut Dodge ourselves, with our own money (not a lot)

Posted by joolsvurn 3rd June, 2010

Well hopefully Coconut Dodge does well for you guys!
Posted by Jason Orme 4th June, 2010

A nice little read.


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