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New Engine: DRAX
News posted 1st June, 2010 by The Chris Street  
A rather promising engine has been submitted by Vetmora120. It's called DRAX. It is only a work-in-progress so far however. Take a look and please give feedback to the author.

Comments from the Author: This is the completed engine build however it may have bugs/glitches that I have not discovered. I would appreciate any suggestions/changes/fixes/bugs/glitches that anyone has. I want this game to be well made

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Posted by Marko 1st June, 2010

The link takes me back to the Home page - this looks pretty good from the pic though
Posted by The Chris Street 1st June, 2010

It works for me... try now?
Posted by Marko 1st June, 2010

Now it works for me too - cheers Mr. Street!
Posted by OMC 1st June, 2010

It's the TDC Ghost...
Posted by Marko 1st June, 2010

Posted by Mark McCauley 2nd June, 2010

the blair mitch project
Posted by Rikus 3rd June, 2010

the blair mitch project <-- Nice!
Posted by vetmora120 4th June, 2010

Ok take this conversation elsewhere lol jks


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