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New Quick video: Fault Line by Mat
News posted 3rd July, 2010 by Rikus  
Get ready for Fault Line created by Nitrome. The game has a great concept where you have to click and drag nodes and fold sections of the levels together! This creates a neat puzzle platformer with a great graphical atmosphere! The game starts out nice and easy with a great tutorial to show you the way, but of course gets nice and hard as you continue on.

The game also has a highscore system in place so be sure to post your best score here below, I will award a 1000 tdc points for the person with the highest score after 10 comments, just post them here:) You can play and support the game in a flash window right here!

Posted by Rikus 3rd July, 2010

Aha check out my highscore:

Also I am putting it down, if anyone beats my score, i will change my rating to "sore loser" "A person per day" So the more people beat mine the more days i will be marked as the official tdc looser.. Of course that is soo not going to happen since you all cannot beat this mastefull score of mine! Nobody will ever beat my awesomeness!
Comment edited by Rikus on 7/3/2010
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 4th July, 2010

This really is a very clever concept.
Posted by OMC 4th July, 2010

How would you go about programming something like that?
Posted by Sketchy 4th July, 2010

Really cool game. Like OMC says, I wouldn't even know where to begin programming something like this.
Posted by GamesterXIII 4th July, 2010

I knew there would be a game breaking level. . . Didn't take long for me to find it.

12k points or something stupid. Can't screen score because I brokeded it. Also getting sick of it and the fact that flash constantly loses FPS the further you progress into a game for some reason. I'm playing some levels at what feels like 10 fps.

I will never touch this game again.
Comment edited by on 7/4/2010
Posted by Rikus 4th July, 2010

I did not experience any game breaking levels yet, also it does not slow down for me at all even after playing for 20 min.

Also anyone beat my score yet?
Comment edited by Rikus on 7/4/2010
Posted by MBK 4th July, 2010

what was your score Rikus? .. I got only 13,665 ... got bored so i didn't play through it a second time

Posted by GamesterXIII 4th July, 2010

Hey, Rikus what was your score?

The FPS lowering is mostly due to flash, but also because I'm on a crappy computer. I've seen quad core computers slow down while playing flash games once you get far enough and it really irritates me.
Posted by Rhys D 4th July, 2010

who is Mat? it was created by Nitrome
Posted by Rikus 4th July, 2010

Darn, you beat me! I got only 2451 points! Must try harder! Guess ill change my rating Fixed the name thanks Rhys!
Comment edited by Rikus on 7/4/2010
Posted by MBK 4th July, 2010

Does that mean I win the points?
Or do I have to get over 20 some thousand to make it on the 100 list to prove my score? ... if that's the case then don't worry about it, cause I'd rather not play through it again.

It's a really nice idea, and I have no idea how to code something like it, but a whole game made just out of that one gimmick gets old pretty quick.

Posted by Rikus 5th July, 2010

Hey MBK congrats on winning a 1000 tdc points. Thanks for playing, I agree it was a good game but in the later levels it could have been mixed with some action and shooting perhaps?
Posted by GamesterXIII 5th July, 2010

Thats kind of how I felt as well. Not necessarily action/shooting (thought it couldn't hurt), but something to break up the tediousness/monotony.

Its just one of those things. Its extremely, extremely impressive, but sadly, gets overplayed quickly.

@MBK I would have beaten you if I didn't break it!
Posted by Vertigo 5th July, 2010

Why is Fault Line on the Daily Click? This site is for indie games while Nitrome is a company that does this for a living... Don't get me wrong, Nitrome is awesome but doesn't belong here.
Posted by Edron 5th July, 2010

is this game even made in mmf?
Posted by OMC 5th July, 2010

No, it's not made in MMF. I guess the front page is just for cool games now.

But actually, Nitrome might qualify as an indie developer.

It's hard to tell these days. :\
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 7/5/2010
Posted by Rikus 5th July, 2010

I disagree Vertigo. A indie Developer could also be a small company. On the subject feel free to read this excellent article on the subject:
Posted by CYS 5th July, 2010

KIRBY EPIC YARN! and here i thought that the new kirby game is pretty innovative.
Posted by GamesterXIII 6th July, 2010


"Independent video game development is the process of creating video games without the financial support of a video game publisher. "
Comment edited by GamesterXIII on 7/6/2010
Posted by Vertigo 6th July, 2010

Ok ok I take it back Still, we have plenty of MMF2/TGF2 games to go on the front page instead of a flash-programmed game...
Posted by GamesterXIII 7th July, 2010

Yea and only about 1 out of 10,000 are worth playing.
Posted by OMC 11th July, 2010

Did someone hear something just now? Oh well, it was probably nothing. Only 1 in 10,000 members are worth listening to.


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