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New Download: Arvoesine
News posted 6th July, 2010 by OMC  
Alastair John Jack's game Arvoesine (Which is apparently "valuables" in Finnish) is an NES game. Or at least, it should be. Play as a Roman soldier in this platformer and swing swords at evil turtle-y things, chuck arrows at nasty birds, crush pots, and leap over caverns on your quest for... valuables, I'm guessing.

When I heard the retro music by Ben Pettengill and entered my player's name in the save file, I thought for a moment I'd booted up an emulator. Try out the demo on this exceedingly polished gem and then decide if you think it's worth a measly $5!

Please excuse me while I go play some more.

Click here to download Arvoesine

Posted by OMC 6th July, 2010

Posted by Assault Andy 7th July, 2010

This game is amazing!
Posted by alessandroLino 7th July, 2010

Javelin is pure awesomeness.
Posted by GamesterXIII 7th July, 2010

I seriously expected to come here and see another overhyped game.

This game is pretty awesome. I love the fact that the difficulty level is higher than average.
My only beef so far is that the enemies can go through walls/platforms and it happens quite often. I couldn't bring myself to release something with a bug like that, no matter how minor /perfectionst

How long is the full game?

Comment edited by GamesterXIII on 7/7/2010
Posted by alastair john jack 7th July, 2010

Thanks guys.

Hmm, that bug seems to only happen on very rare occasions. I can never seem to reproduce it or even trigger it. I'm thinking it must be a PMO glitch or something.
Posted by Rikus 7th July, 2010

Ohhh Loving it! That music sure brings me back to some other times, love the gameplay! Oh and added a quickvideo to!
Posted by GamesterXIII 7th July, 2010

Eww you said PMO .

I triggered it twice within the first 5 seconds of playing. I am a bug magnet anyways.
Posted by OMC 7th July, 2010

Bug magnet is a marketable skill in a game development community.
Posted by Blue66 7th July, 2010

Cute little game - like the shield (reminds me of GG2^^). Only compaint: the custom controls don't seem to work. I've mapped my buttons differently, but the game didn't care and used the old button config.
Posted by Vertigo 7th July, 2010

Angry squirtles with sticks! Anyway it looks asesome! I can't play atm since i'm on an Mac... Lame.
Posted by LOIC 7th July, 2010

amazing game ! I love the Nes inspiration ^^
Posted by OMC 7th July, 2010

Blue66: Did you make sure to extract all of the files before you ran the config?
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 7th July, 2010

Make sure you selected Custom controls and not just Joypad 1 on the Control method list.

Really nice game! I don't think it's that hard (first level at least) $5 seems fair too, I may well get it
Posted by GamesterXIII 7th July, 2010


It isn't hard. The difficulty level is slightly higher than what you normally see in games now days.
Posted by tetsuya_shino 9th July, 2010

So... does anyone think the full game is worth $5? If so, then all one has to do is make their own game equal or greater and they could charge the same amount. I only say this because deep down, I think we'd all like to sell our games.

I have to go to work now, but I'll download the demo later today. =]
Posted by Assault Andy 9th July, 2010

"then all one has to do is make their own game equal or greater and they could charge the same amount. "

Go for it We'd love to see more games of this quality.
Posted by NeoMonkey 9th July, 2010

How did you get the idea of using arvoesine as the name of the game ? Yes here is a word, but uh none has used it in my 21 year of living

Althought the game is great it has bugs . GamesterXIII bug happens me also and the bomb in the demo explodes and leaves white ball, which harms player. Also the bomb doesn't explode always :/. Fix these and I'll buy the full version
Posted by OMC 9th July, 2010

I'll bet Hempuli had something to do with it.
Posted by alastair john jack 9th July, 2010

Yeah Hempuli helped me decide on the name. Also I'm working on a patch at the moment.
Posted by nim 9th July, 2010

Tetsuya: It's definitely worth $5. I also agree with you that we would all like to sell our games. I even think it's unfortunate that we've somehow taken freeware games for granted so much, to the point that we grudge paying $5 for one.
Posted by tetsuya_shino 9th July, 2010

I know just what you mean, nim. In this day and age you can get just about anything you want for free online if you do a little digging.
And I understand if the masses are put off for having to pay $5 (or slightly more). But if we, as fellow indie gamers, refuse to pay for cool indie games... that would be a real shame. As we are the ones that could relate as to how much work goes into it.
Posted by Blue66 9th July, 2010

I bet no "fellow indie gamer" has even dreamt about getting a pirated copy of this game or any other game. Because we all just love supporting indie-developers! That's why all indie-developers are so rich of moneyz and live in their giant mansions
Posted by tetsuya_shino 9th July, 2010

... just because you -can- pirate something doesn't mean you have to. Some of us like to buy things (you know, with money) to show our support for the company/band/etc. In the cases of indie devs I'd see the few bucks they ask for as more or a tip, then a fee.
It's not,"Here's $5! Hope you get rich! LOLz!" It's more like, "I really enjoyed your game. Here's a little something. Go get a lunch on me."

Do you understand..?

Posted by Blue66 9th July, 2010

Hahaha... people in your world really think like that?
Posted by Assault Andy 9th July, 2010

tetsuya_shino is actually spot on. It may surprise you Blue66 but there are people who actually buy games and like supporting developers.

The money is sometimes a form of 'encouragement' to show appreciation for something we like.
Posted by alastair john jack 9th July, 2010

Game is version 1.1 - see page for details
Posted by Muz 10th July, 2010

Yeah, I see it a bit like busking. You can sit there and enjoy it for free, but if you really like it, a little payment's fine. It's absurd for some people to ask $30 for most indie games, but I'd pay $5 for this if I was into that kind of game.

But heck, I bought Europa Universalis 3 last week for $10 on impulse, so there's some seriously tough competitors if you expect to sell games
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 14th July, 2010

I think it comes down to a combination of how much you support the indie developer scene, and the quality of the game. Like what tetsuya_shino was getting at, when I buy an indie game, I don't think of it as a purely commercial transaction. I think of it as a way of showing my support for the developers that I can identify with as an indie developer myself, in particular by knowing how much time and effort must have been spent on each aspect of the game.

Typically indie developers that put a price on their games don't ask for much, and some of them even make the purchase optional, but you can always get it for free somewhere, which is why the perception of value for indie games is skewed. I agree with nim's comment about taking freeware for granted. Someone who has worked long and hard on their game should not feel obligated to give it out for nothing just because it's in the indie box. If you think about it, money is a resource that signifies time and effort; both are spent to acquire it. How is it unfair to reimburse someone's polished product that they've spent considerable amounts of their own time and effort on with money?

I personally find it reasonable and even desirable to give something back to the indie development scene, even if it is just a lunch, as tetsuya_shino quite artfully said. Of course I also support the idea of freeware, and I really do admire the developers that choose to release high-quality software for free. Personally though, I believe they deserve something just for their chivalry.
Posted by tetsuya_shino 20th July, 2010

@Blue66 - I had guessed your reply would be a personal insult of some fashion. There are a number of ways I could reply to it,.. but I'm not.

@alastair john jack - I'm not sure if you're in the states or UK, but they have mcdonalds all over the world, right? Get yourself a few happy meals on me. *fires up his copy of Arvoesine*


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