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New Game - Envipulation
News posted 14th September, 2010 by The Chris Street  
A sweet, graphically beautiful Flash game has been submitted by Vertigo. It's called Envipulation and well worth a look :D

Comments from the Author: Envipulation is a flash platformer with puzzle elements. Shoot enemies and solve puzzles with different items. Use a floating device to cross gaps and use 3D glasses to make new paths appear.

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Posted by Ski 14th September, 2010

Graphically, it's kind of a "dolly mix nightmare", in the words of a friend. The colours just seem really random, and the gameplay didn't really captivate me much...
Posted by Vertigo 14th September, 2010

Haha I guess it's a matter of taste I personally like the insane colours
Posted by Marko 15th September, 2010

Plays quite well, i'll play for longer later before i comment!
Posted by Vertigo 15th September, 2010

You do that Marko


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