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Author: Vertigo Submitted: 13th September, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 143

Edited By Vertigo on 9/19/2010

Envipulation is a flash platformer with puzzle elements. Shoot enemies and solve puzzles with different items. Use a floating device to cross gaps and use 3D glasses to make new paths appear.

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Posted by Jon C-B 14th September, 2010

Good game. Heres some of my thoughts

The graphics were very nice and colorful
I would have preferred to just press shift to scroll through the objects you have, instead of opening up a menu
I kind of wish the items weren't introduced right after the other, maybe every 2 or 3 levels instead?

Posted by OMC 14th September, 2010

The graphics were very good. Reminded me a lot of Nitrome's stuff.

Muffachine continues to crack me up.

I felt like the controls were a little counterintuitive. I kept pressing the wrong buttons for the longest time.
Posted by Vertigo 15th September, 2010

I guess a lot of people have problems with the weapons menu. Learning point for my next games And yeah, Jon's last tip is also a good idea. Thanks for playing!
Posted by Sephirenn 16th September, 2010

A few tips:

1) The sound resets after every level. It should stay off if I turn it off. Also of the same note, you should also be able to turn the sound off from the title screen.

2) There should be shortcut keys once you beat a level. For example, when I beat the first level, if I hit 'shift', it should be the same as clicking on 'next level'. This makes it so that once you start playing, you don't have to switch to the mouse anymore.

Just some thoughts.
Posted by Vertigo 16th September, 2010

Thanks for the tips!
The problem with the sound is pretty difficult to fix.
I've made Enter a shortcut for the next level, but might make other shortcuts later on.
Posted by JetpackLover 25th September, 2010

For the controls instead of using shift, arrow key, shift just have it so after hitting shift the arrow key will be the last thing you have to hit to select the weapon. For example hit shift, then left arrow key selects the gun. It gets rid of one shift button and makes it so you don't have to cycle. Should be a simple fix.





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