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Coding Challenges and Super Articles!
News posted 27th September, 2010 by Jon Lambert  
Hey everyone, it's me! Jon Lambert! What's that? You don't recognize me since I never post any news? Hmm... sounds suspicious. Anyways, I couldn't let myself get left out of this big 100 Day Countdown, now could I? What kind of admin would I be if I didn't support the site while the coders work so hard to bring you the biggest TDC development in the history of TDC?

So what are these Super Articles, you may be asking? Well, seeing as I've recently finished a new platforming engine for The APP, I'm still itching to code new things, so I've decided to write a series of super articles about MMF2; these will be articles that go in-depth into the various areas of MMF2, with explanations of all the editors, objects, actions, etc. even deeper than those found in the average tutorial, article, or the MMF2 help file! It's ambitious, and after I write articles on the main objects and editors and such, I'll need more material. This is where the coding challenges come in!

Every so often, I'll be polling the forums asking you what you want to read about. The item that gets the most suggestions will be the subject of my next super article. To prepare these particular super articles, I'll also be hosting a challenge to the community, where I will build an .mfa with the basics of the problem, and then I will give the community up to seven days to come up with as many solutions as possible. The super article I write will cover every solution given.

After all of that, the super articles will be compiled into a textbook format called the Klik Kompanion, and hosted on the site for everyone to read at their leisure.

Quite a mouthful. :P

Posted by Marko 27th September, 2010

Nevermind "quite a mouthful", quite a bloody good idea i reckon!
Posted by GamesterXIII 27th September, 2010

Cry for attention.

On a serious note, an article about trig and how to utilize it to create 360 degree shooting and the such would be nice.

I know >nothing< about trig and spent 2 weeks just messing around with it to come up with a 360 degree shooting engine. Had to write it all down to be able to do it again and it would be nice to understand the inner workings of it.

You see the 360 degree question come up a >lot< for how "basic" it is usually considered to be.
Posted by Jon Lambert 27th September, 2010

Cry for attention? I'm afraid I don't understand. o_O
Posted by 3kliksphilip 27th September, 2010

GamesterXIII, there's a plugin that does it for you, and there are plenty of 360 degree tutorials on this site. There was a very good one released in the downloads section just a couple of days ago, made by sketchy.
Posted by Xhunterko 28th September, 2010

Om nom nom nom nom nom nom.
A tasty, tasty mouthful.
Posted by Dave C 28th September, 2010

GamesterXIII is constantly crying for attention making his stupid comments.
Posted by UrbanMonk 28th September, 2010

Here's an article on trig for ya:

X Pos = CurrentX + cos(angle)*speed
Y Pos = CurrentY + sin(angle)*speed
Posted by Sephirenn 28th September, 2010

This sounds amazing. I can't wait. Although it does sound like quite the task, I hope you stick with it!
Posted by GamesterXIII 29th September, 2010

I was joking. Way to not read the rest of the post and take things way too seriously.

I know extensions can do it, but I'm a vanilla user at heart. I'll have to check out Sketchy's, but I doubt it will be dumbed down enough for me to understand, LOL
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 2nd October, 2010

GamesterXIII, perhaps emote more when making what isn't obviously a joke... like "cry for attention, lol " (still wouldn't have been funny, but at least we would have known the intention )

Amazing idea Jon, make it a reality!


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