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TDC Christmas Competition 2010
News posted 4th October, 2010 by The Chris Street  

Yes, it's that time of year, when the cold dark nights start to draw in. So what better excuse to stay indoors and take part in...

The Daily Click Christmas Competition 2010

The theme this year has been simplified to encourage as diverse a range of entries as possible. All you have to do is create a game based around the theme of traditional Christmas. Santa, Rudolph, presents, trees, decorations, snow, winter... that kind of thing.

There is a prize for first place. The sum of $250 donated by the very kind and generous folk at Clickteam equates to, at the current exchange rate, close to 160 in UK money. You could certainly buy many things with that... maybe an MMF shaped present for yourself, or presents towards your loved ones this Christmas.

The deadline for this competition is Thursday 23rd December 2010 at 11.59PM, GMT. On the rather shoddy competition website a link has been provided, showing you all how much time you have left, so there are no excuses for late entries!

Best of luck to all who decide to enter!


Posted by Sketchy 4th October, 2010

Christmas?! It's barely OCTOBER. Surely you mean TDC *Halloween* Competition?
Posted by The Chris Street 4th October, 2010

Nope. I mean Christmas. This is a big competition and entries take time
Posted by WillWill 4th October, 2010

I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate the heads-up.

Making games take time after all.

I only have one project going at the moment, and sadly I think it'd take a lot of work to apply a christmas theme to it.
Posted by Hayo 4th October, 2010

I think I am skipping this one, I made 3 xmas games already and I don't even like xmas.
Posted by Solgryn 4th October, 2010

I want to make something for this =D
Posted by Marko 4th October, 2010

I may be biting off more than i can chew here, what with me attempting the Console Wars compo too... but what the heck, i'm in

BTW, kudos to the admins for all the updates lately!
Posted by Strife 4th October, 2010

$250? O_o aflkgsjfgklgjka;kdwladl

I don't know if I can pull it off with so many other projects going on though. ; Unless I make an X-mas themed demo of Paper Kart or something.
Posted by Marko 4th October, 2010

I think you should, rather than not enter at all
Posted by Sephirenn 4th October, 2010

So the rules don't say anything about ripping music... is that okay? For some reason I thought if prizes were involved you can just go around ripping music.
Posted by s-m-r 4th October, 2010

I reckon as long as you don't sell it, ripping sprites/artwork and music is okay. There aren't any rules specifically saying not to, so...Just keep it family-friendly, I guess.

If any amendments are made, I'm sure they'll post them on the website or in the forum.
Posted by Xhunterko 4th October, 2010

Aww, no holloween compo this year...
Which leaves the entire rest of the month to work on my flash projects, yahh.
Posted by The Chris Street 5th October, 2010

Ideally, sprites must be original. If graphics are discovered to be ripped, points will be deducted. Music, well, its hard to get original Christmas music, so you can use what you need.
Posted by Assault Andy 5th October, 2010

Looking forward to seeing the entries


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