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Clickteam is teasing with I-phone MMF2 Runtime image!
News posted 21st October, 2010 by Rikus  
While YOYOGAMES is submitting Gamemaker games to the Apple APPStore, (just search for Skydiver Mach II) Clickteam has has started to tease us with a MMF2 game running on the IPHONE!

From what we are hearing beta testers can now display their creations on the actual iphone itself. And that it is running pretty smoothly! Great Job Clickteam! Indeed folks it looks like the Iphone runtime is heading into our hands soon!

Check Jeff's facebook page for a full size picture! Ohhh and Also check Chris Carsons picture he took of his latest game running on his iphone. Exciting!!

Could we playing Gungirl 2 on the Iphone any time soon? Thanks to Fanotherpg for the tips!

Posted by Fanotherpg 21st October, 2010 - if someone interested.
Posted by Ski 21st October, 2010

Could we playing Gungirl 2 on the Iphone any time soon?

No, Id rather spend my money on a decent game.
Posted by Sumo148 21st October, 2010

That's such a cheap way to make people write good reviews about that game
Posted by OMC 21st October, 2010

Posted by Rikus 21st October, 2010

Now I was going to get a windows 7 phone.. but this is just.. really hard... darnit!
Posted by Blue66 21st October, 2010

Oh Adam... what a joke you are
Great news btw! But it seems to me that Clickteam starts making costly "addons" to milk the community. Like hey you wanna publish flash games? 70$ please. Oh, you wanna make iPhone games? Another 70$ please.

Kinda sucks :/
Posted by MJK 21st October, 2010

$70 is nothing. Add Mochiads to a few decent games and you'll get it back. iPhone exporter is probably more than $70, though.

Anyway, nice to see some teasers. I'd like to see videos, too. It's a really big open question what is the performance of this runtime. How many frames per second for a side scroller with 3 layers and parallax scrolling with a lot of actives? What's the limit in active objects simultaneously on screen? What extensions are ported and which ones are planned to be added soon after release? Etc. etc.
Posted by UrbanMonk 21st October, 2010

Clickteam wouldn't even be making these additions if it wasn't for the revenue they get from them.

I would rather pay for a nice addition rather than not have them at all.

And I wouldn't call it milking since you don't have to buy them if you don't want to.
Posted by Assault Andy 21st October, 2010

This looks awesome. I can't wait!
Posted by alastair john jack 21st October, 2010

how 2 become vampire
Posted by Blue66 21st October, 2010

Another question, if you will be able to export to iPhone, does that mean it will support Mac OS (whatever animal version they are currently at) as well?
Posted by Fanotherpg 21st October, 2010

We've got already Java build for Mac Os Blue66, but yeah they plan to do native Mac Os runtime where new Apple Mac Os X 10.7 Lion goes more into iOs (used on iPads and iPhones) it would make a task easier.
Posted by GamesterXIII 21st October, 2010

Yeah, Blue66. Everything should be free, right?
Posted by alastair john jack 21st October, 2010

The Java version doesn't support many extensions, I don't think.
Posted by Fanotherpg 21st October, 2010!/photo.php?fbid=483411149065&set=a.483411119065.286721.738779065&pid=6822230&id=738779065!/photo.php?fbid=483411189065&set=a.483411119065.286721.738779065&pid=6822232&id=738779065

Two more screenies from Kisguri this time.
Posted by The Chris Street 21st October, 2010

To get games on the iPhone you will ONLY be able to use a Mac, not a normal PC.
Posted by Xhunterko 21st October, 2010

Now if only we could get MMF2 on the android. I heard they were starving for some good games.
Posted by MJK 21st October, 2010

Beta test for MMF2 Android runtime seems to be starting quite soon. Let's see which one actually comes out first, iPhone or Android exporter.
Posted by HorrendousGames 21st October, 2010

Cell phones... lame.
Posted by UrbanMonk 21st October, 2010

At least cell phones aren't horrendous.
Posted by Rikus 21st October, 2010

I love my cell phone! .. No I actually LOVE my cellphone it is with me all day
Posted by MasterM 21st October, 2010



f' the fphone

i want android support. cant we just let the iphone and apple computers drop dead. i mean there is no mmf support on osx (thank god) so lets not support the iphone either and support a good system aka android.
Posted by OMC 22nd October, 2010

I've actually been really irritated with my Droid lately. Freezes while nothing is running, reboots randomly, won't keep the settings and ringtones I select, takes forever to load some pages, doesn't pop up menus, doesn't always register slides and button presses (or at least takes a while to catch up with them).

It's really buggy.

I'd be willing to forgive that if it had good apps though. So we do need Android support.
Posted by Rikus 22nd October, 2010

,,Why not get a iphone? I am going to get one Blackbery=evil
Posted by OMC 22nd October, 2010

Because I've already invested in the Droid and Verizon doesn't have the iPhone. Yet.

I don't really need one anyway. I'd just blow a fortune on apps.
Posted by GamesterXIII 22nd October, 2010

Iphone has a more established market than the Android as of yet due to age, obviously. This is why I am excited about the Iphone runtime.

I'm excited about the Android Runtime for publicity and the different userbase. I'm excited about the Iphone runtime for $
Posted by Assault Andy 22nd October, 2010

I agree with GamesterXII for all the same reasons and logic.
Posted by Steve Harris 22nd October, 2010

Blue66 you do make me giggle. $70? and how much effort goes in to it? Maybe you should be getting all your food and rent for free too? You do deserve it after all.
Posted by Silveraura 22nd October, 2010

I'm really excited for the Android runtime to be released. Why? Because you only need a 1 time $20 fee to get into the market. Apples market requires $90 a year and censor so much that 90% of klikers wont even get accepted. Yeah, my interest in iPhone is minimal. I already own a Droid and love it. My next upgrade will be either a Galaxy S or whatever comes after that by time I get my yearly upgrade.
Posted by MasterM 22nd October, 2010

i dont know. is Droid the only thing they really sell in the usa? i have been to forums and it seems like every american android user got a Droid and it seems like they think android = Droid. i just dont get it. they must sell all the other phones in the usa as well.

ive read a lot of crap about the Droid btw and it just doesnt sound like a good PHONE- you can not blame the OS for that I think.

also what does it run. eclair or cupcake or froyo already?

"I'd be willing to forgive that if it had good apps though." what the hell are you talking about? there are plenty of great apps. do you want me to make a list for you or what exactly DO YOU WANT / are you looking for?

@rikus: because its a piece of shit. its that easy really.

@GamesterXIII: agree. i think you can make more money as a dev for iphone- ripping off apple lovers ha

@SiLVERFIRE: very very true. their politics and censorship is silly. get the galaxy s. i got it and i think its VERY great. hold the galaxy s in one hand and the iphone 4 in the other. it feels like feather and brick. also galaxy s actually got WORKING video chat while iphone 4 can only do it on wlan lol what kind of phone is that that only works with wlan. its such a joke. i could get more into detail why the iphone is shit.

anyways i thought: iphone cant play flash (once again PLUS for android) while we can convert our games to flash with MMF so basically we can already make games for android so I really guess iphone is a smart move.
Posted by OMC 23rd October, 2010

It runs Froyo. It's good enough to be a fair yardstick.

I have searched through the app list regularly. There are a few good ones, but in comparison with the iPhone, it's slim. And as of now, you might as well not even bother if you got it for games.

Though hopefully the android runtime and openfeint will change that.
Posted by alastair john jack 23rd October, 2010

lol @ mobile games.
Posted by HorrendousGames 23rd October, 2010

Maybe they should work on getting their PC releases to work better instead of moving on to cell phones. Working within their products feels restrictive enough. Cell phones are a waste of technology, anyway.
Posted by MJK 23rd October, 2010

Flash, iOS, Android, HTML5 and hopefully Qt too in the future - this is absolutely the way to go. From my part, it's pretty much good bye to traditional executable.

The only concern is how well will they be able to support all the runtimes in the long run. Now look at for example what happened to Java - it's totally forgotten and buried (though for solid reasons to move resources to the development of more potential runtimes). Or partly also flash: many people have been asking for fixes to the Mochi objects, but there is no support because the programmers are busy with Android and HTML5. This can't happen for iPhone runtime or Android runtime for them to be successful: new features will need to be added continuously and bugs fixed after the first couple of releases/updates. As CT is a small company, it might be tough to pull it off, but of course we all hope they manage it in the end.
Posted by Rikus 23rd October, 2010

I kind of disagree with saying bye to the executable, it is often not that great to play games inside of a browser often I prefer it sitting on my harddrive. It is a nice for little mini games but for the bigger games I prefer a full blown .exe in my folder to play it whenever I want without any browser or flash or whatever slowing the experience down.
Comment edited by Rikus on 10/23/2010
Posted by MJK 23rd October, 2010

Sure, Rikus, I didn't mean it would become obsolete. As you said, certain type of games are always better in exe and with great MMF features like HWA, there are loads of great click games yet to be released in exe.

But for me personally as a game maker, maybe 1 out of 10 projects will be exe in the future anymore (whereas previously in 1996-2009 this was always 10 out of 10) - given that these new runtimes will be as good as I expect/hope them to be.
Posted by OMC 23rd October, 2010

I want a 3DS runtime.

Posted by Fanotherpg 23rd October, 2010

Still we are a far back behind other companies and their softwares like Unity 3 - - which is already Windows/MacOs/iDevice/Android/Web but is far more expensive (but also far more advanced as from graphic side).

Also everyone are screaming yeah it's wonderful iRuntime and Android one but the truth is that other's are on those markets for a bit long time and they are offering more advanced technoligically products so it would be also from this side tough competition so I fully understand MJK doubts looking like Vitalize and Java are dropped now, and Blackberry doesn't have it's own runtime.

Again CT needs more people to be employed to boost up and stay in play.
Posted by HorrendousGames 24th October, 2010

Clickteam provides very useful tools for creating 2D games, and there really isn't a tool that does it easier, in my opinion. I think that's something to be proud of. Honestly, with the way the industry is going, virtually everything has to be in 3D, even when it doesn't need to be, which is kind of disgusting, in my opinion. Games can be fantastic and look amazing in both 2D and 3D, I don't see why it has to be 3D.

But there goes my point, the thing that Clickteam products have over anyone is how simplistic, yet powerful that they are, however, it still has many flaws, and in my opinion, those should be fixed before moving onto a different venue.

At this stage, Clickteam has set their products up as being only useful for education and hobbyists, if they really want their products to be popular, they need to show potential developers that they can make some cash with their product. Tools like XNA port to the Xbox 360, the Zune, Windows Phone and PC, Torque ports to the Xbox 360, the PC, the Wii, and Unity ports to the PC, the iPhone, the Wii, ect. I realize and understand that is exactly where Clickteam is going, porting to the iPhone, the andriod, ect. but I'm just saying, they definatly need to make sure that their products have as little flaws as possible, and that any issue that the user has is more likely to be the user than the editor, which from my perspective, there are a lot of complaints in that department, and updates are few and far between.

But of course, I could be wrong, and I'm not clickteam, I'm just stating how I feel about their products at the moment.
Posted by Fanotherpg 25th October, 2010

I believe we will have to publish Comop part 1 and create Comop part 2. Details soon.
Posted by Chrisbo 30th October, 2010

I had heard that Apple is limiting apps in the app store to only ones that were written with certain software or only used with a certain compiler, or something to that effect... which would make this basically useless aside from jailbroken phones. Does anybody know if this is true?
Posted by Jeff Vance 1st November, 2010

The way this works it falls under Apple's OK method for creating content for the iOS


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