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Project Update: Fishhead 3D (working title)
News posted 5th November, 2010 by Rikus  
Hayo recently released a new video of his upcoming Fishead 3d game using the StoneGoose OpenGL engine created by Matt Esch

The video is really cool and the engine plays the game very smoothly, be sure to check this video out! I cant wait to see more of this in the future, WoW!

Click here to the project page for Fishhead 3d!!!!

And click here to go to the project page for the StoneGoose Engine!!!!

Posted by Hayo 6th November, 2010

It's also Matts birthday today, so visit his project page first
Posted by Matthew Wiese 6th November, 2010

Awesome so far Hayo 'n Matt! CAn't wait to use this and make a little rpg (and I mean little) with it, hopefully it won't be TOO complicated to use.

Btw: Happy birthday to Matt!
Posted by Hayo 6th November, 2010

I managed to make something in it, so it's dead easy.
Posted by Assault Andy 6th November, 2010

Posted by Dogzer 6th November, 2010

this game is such a copy of minecraft
Posted by ~Matt Esch~ 6th November, 2010

It's probably worth noting, just to clarify for the Dogzers out there, that this game style was conceived before minecraft became popular. OpenGL encourages this style, and this is what you get when a talented pixel artist made the textures. I am being polite today.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 6th November, 2010

I'm sure Dogzer was just kidding, this game looks in no way similar to Minecraft. He's just trying to have some fun
Posted by Marko 6th November, 2010

That looks very, very cool!
Posted by Hagar 6th November, 2010

Nice work and happy birthday Matt Esch!
Posted by Marko 6th November, 2010

Oh yeah i forgot - happy birthday Matt
Posted by MasterM 6th November, 2010

that looks great
is that done with MMF?
Posted by Hayo 6th November, 2010
Go there to find out
Posted by Duncan 6th November, 2010

Posted by Dogzer 7th November, 2010

I want all mmf games to be like this
Posted by Jenswa 7th November, 2010

Happy birthday!
Posted by GamesterXIII 7th November, 2010

Pretty graphics with no gameplay. Instant hit!

Isn't this pretty much the same as the last video?
Posted by Hayo 7th November, 2010

Hold on, no, I will be nice as well. It's your misfortune, not ours.
Comment edited by Hayo on 11/7/2010
Posted by Dave C 7th November, 2010

GamesterXIII, all you ever make is half finished 'engines', also with no gameplay. So you can't complain.
Posted by Silveraura 8th November, 2010

I'd have to agree with GamesterXIII to be completely honest. You don't need to make an amazing game to know one when you see it - or lack their of.
Posted by Fish20 8th November, 2010

This is looking nice without the gameplay. Gameplay and it'll be great!
Posted by Marko 8th November, 2010

Let's not be over-critical here. Even if there is never going to be any gameplay, engine-wise it's looking great. And its clear alot of effort has gone into this, hence why it gets a ""!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 8th November, 2010

@All Gamesters and generally stupid people:

First off, have you even considered the fact that this game isn't finished yet? Why do you act so stupidly and focus on the (for the moment) unimportant things? Instead of starting to crit Hayo and Matt for the game lacking gameplay, try oh try to at least notice that THE PROJECT IS IN FULL 3D - NOT 2D.

Yeah, amazed huh? Now how did he do that?


You have to be such a sad and bitter person if you choose not to even acknowledge the effort of producing a "real" 3D game in MMF2.
AFTER you've done that you can bitch and moan all you want about the actual game lacking gameplay.


*EE steps down from high horse and await counter-bitchin
Posted by OMC 8th November, 2010

I think I'd almost be content just to explore.

Patience, young padawans. Get to sewing your socks to your trousers so they aren't lost forever when the finished game tries to knock them off.
Posted by Johnny Look 8th November, 2010

He's showing off the engine and people complain that there's no gameplay ?
Are you serious ?

Posted by Hayo 8th November, 2010

Thanks folks. I have faith in humanity again
Posted by Marko 8th November, 2010

No Hayo, thank you and Matt for a bloody great looking engine!
Posted by Silveraura 9th November, 2010

If this is just an engine, that's fine. However it was made with an extension that's not released yet, which he's saying is very easy, also, just because it's 3D doesn't mean it's impressive.

I'll withhold judgement if it's not intended to be judged as a game. If anyone says this is a game though, I'll explain to you why it's not.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 9th November, 2010

"If this is just an engine, that's fine. However it was made with an extension that's not released yet, which he's saying is very easy, also, just because it's 3D doesn't mean it's impressive."


Are you stupid or something?
If I've understood things correctly, Matt is still developing the StoneGoose extension whilst Hayo, in close collaboration with Matt's progress on the SG, is making a game showcasing it.

So turn your attention to it again and go;

"Wow! Now how did he do that? "

It is impressive, it's even very very impressive! And almost solely due to it being 3D!
So either you pull an easy to use, full 3D extension for a 2D dev program that is MMF2 out of your a**, or look at it again and realize that this is exactly what many people have hoped to someday have. And that makes the feat highly impressive.

And if both of those options are out the window, then you can join GamesterXIII in his club for angry video game nerds.

Posted by Hayo 9th November, 2010

@SiLVERFIRE (and negative frog dude):

Sorry if this video caused confusion. This is an engine test/demo. Like Eternal Man said, I am working closely together with Matt on this, and we have been working on it since april. He makes the extension bundle, I try them out at the same time and give him the feedback he needs. Sometimes we love each other, sometimes we fight.

The goal is not to show you how awesome I am, because I know I am not. We are just keeping you up to date about something we are making for the community. The goal is to make something any clicker can use to make 3D games. Weather FH3D will be a real game or just an open source example doesn't even matter.

And just a bit of well meant advice to Gamester, before you start putting things down it's a good idea to get yourself informed a little. I always do this, which rarely gives me a reason to be negative at all in the end. Just being negative is not going to help anyone.

Posted by danjo 10th November, 2010

Posted by Hayo 10th November, 2010

Posted by Silveraura 10th November, 2010

Knowing you, Hayo, I had a feeling that was the case. That's why I tried not to be too quick to judge. I have a profound respect for you and your projects, and I didn't want to disrespect you by cutting the edge too soon. It does look nice and is a good representation of a new extension.


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