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New(ish) Game - Wendy
News posted 12th November, 2010 by The Chris Street  
The elusive Nastyman has been busy behind the scenes, having recently submitted a little Flash platformer called, simply, Wendy. Utilising his famous graphic style, the game itself plays a little like the old classic Bubble Bobble.

Comments from the Author:
"Bubble Girl goes an adventure through 40 levels, each contains various enemies to defeat. By shooting her power bubbles Wendy stuns her enemies, and then she can kick them away out of the play area and gain scores which can later be submitted to the leaderboard "

Click here to play the game and read its reviews

Posted by Marko 13th November, 2010

Flash is so much easier than download; i can see why it (maybe) is the future
Posted by s-m-r 16th November, 2010

Hey Nastyman: how were you able to change the picture of the loading graphic when you start the flash app?

Is MMF2 Dev required to be able to change it, or am I just missing something?
Posted by Yai7 16th November, 2010

It is possible with both versions of MMF! =]


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