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TGF2 Goes Free
News posted 16th November, 2010 by OMC  
Kind of, anyway. This is an interesting event since people have been clamoring for a free version for some time. Clickteam has announced that a free version of TGF2 has been released for use with Newgrounds, the largely flash-based game and media sharing site. Here are some details from Clickteam's announcement thread.

"This Newgrounds edition of The Games Factory 2 is free, but only exports to SWF for, and does not include Newgrounds API integration. Once you get the basics down, you may be interested in upgrading to the standard edition of The Games Factory 2, or going one step further with Multimedia Fusion 2.

Using any of Clickteam's creation tools and the optional flash exporter tool, you will be able to take your creation to new heights; for example, you can provide your own Newgrounds API ID and make money from the ads that run when people load your game, or you can build your game for other platforms like home PCs and mobile devices."

Download The Games Factory 2: Newgrounds Edition here

Good job, I say!

Posted by GamesterXIII 16th November, 2010


Thanks, OMC
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Posted by Kisguri 16th November, 2010

Official announcement comes tomorrow, we have been working on it secretly for months now! REMEMBER you never know what CT will do next, we are always moving and shifting in the background...
Posted by Ski 16th November, 2010

Posted by OMC 16th November, 2010

+1 for Wiiware.
Posted by RedEnchilada 16th November, 2010

I read the title and thought clickteam had decided to start giving out regular TGF2 for free


can we get this built into regular TGF2 for people too lazy to download another version of their program please
Posted by Jon Lambert 16th November, 2010

You'd still have to download the new version with that feature.
Posted by Silveraura 16th November, 2010

This is EXACTLY what Clickteam needs to do to get attention.
Posted by CYS 16th November, 2010

Great move! Clickteam!
Posted by Marko 16th November, 2010

Bravo - a great idea, Clickteam!
Posted by Strife 16th November, 2010

Wewt wewt!
Posted by X_Sheep 16th November, 2010

I'm predicting a huge backlash from people on Newgrounds who already know Actionscript.
Then again, they're an unpleasable bunch.
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Posted by Hernan 16th November, 2010

I gotta try this out.
Posted by -Dark Martin- 16th November, 2010

Posted by Hayo 16th November, 2010

Gooood! My students are gonna love this
Posted by Johnny Look 16th November, 2010

I agree with Silverfire, this was a good move from a marketing point of view.

I doubt I'll be using it, but in any case thanks clickteam
Posted by MasterM 16th November, 2010

that is VERY VERY clever marketing

well done clickteam

in other news newgrounds is full of knobs and I don't think they will appreciate click game too much unless we do something with BIG ASS sprites and something that looks more like smooth vectors and no pixel graphics. Also you will have a winner on your hand if its really violent/contains "dick jokes".

Also I hope the average Newgrounds user won't come around on the dc.
Posted by MJK 16th November, 2010

Very good. Hopefully this brings a lot more visibility and eventually sales for Clickteam's products.
Posted by MasterM 16th November, 2010


once its on newgrounds? haha I think people will start to warez their products like hell now if that's possible somehow- I really hope that won't happen though but you know what people are like. Like how many % on newgrounds do you think actually OWN flash? Especially if the average age is like 13 lol
Posted by X_Sheep 16th November, 2010

Except TGF2 and MMF2 aren't nearly as expensive as Adobe Flash. I've had my TGF copy when I was 10.

And now that they have something free to play with, I don't think a large amount of them will see the need to pirate.
Comment edited by X_Sheep on 11/16/2010
Posted by Hayo 16th November, 2010

Once every highschool in the world has TGF installed the sales will go up like heck. The best way to advertise is to expose 25 students to the product at once.
Posted by RedEnchilada 16th November, 2010

You know, I oughta suggest this to my graphics teacher at school...
Posted by W3R3W00F 16th November, 2010

This is the best marketing strategy Clickteam's accomplished since Klik 'n' Play with Maxim magazine.

Well played, Clickteam.
Posted by Silveraura 16th November, 2010

Gah, now if only it wasn't a total bust in quality. Maybe I'm spoiled by MMF2, but TGF2 NewGrounds Edition feels like an absolutely atrocious representation of the true capabilities of this software. Seems incredibly thrown together.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 16th November, 2010

Damn cool!But the inner kliker in me justs wants to keep this amazing community and the treasure that is MMF to ourselves and myself. No one else.
Posted by Johnny Look 17th November, 2010

I just checked the package out, and I gotta say I'm quite disappointed.

TGF2 isn't going free, this is just an extended demo.

You can't export as stand alone or java apps and you can only export the swf file to be used on newgrounds (as expected).
In addition you can't even use it for commercial applications, which means no ads whatsoever.

I think this might not be such a great idea after all, I suspect most people will just try it out for a couple of minutes and then uninstall it once they realize how restrictive this is. Like silverfire pointed out, there's a chance that his might end up doing more harm than good as a lot of people will assume this all there is to tgf2 and mmf2.

The public they are aiming are mostly flash developers (which means they all have flash and know at least some actionscript), and honestly I don't see them giving up on their habits for this extended demo of tgf2.
Posted by JML Games 17th November, 2010

I wanted to try and export some of my games, but they all use the platform movement object
Comment edited by JML Games on 11/17/2010
Posted by MasterM 17th November, 2010

We are Newgrounds.

We think this is funny.

I need an exaggerated version of the word "exaggerated" just to describe this so called "parody" which doesn't seem to be the right word to me either but that is the stuff people on NG enjoy. Great jorb!

Posted by markno2 17th November, 2010

Oh, yaaaaaaaaaaay! I can make my own dating sims now.
Posted by Fanotherpg 17th November, 2010

And we just started a bit before it, a discussion about lack of such version
Posted by GamesterXIII 17th November, 2010

Johnny, that is exactly what was described in this post and by clickteam. . .

What else did you expect? . . . .
Posted by nim 18th November, 2010

Nice idea! Unfortunately though I can't disagree with MasterM about piracy and Flash. It's also a shame that the product Clickteam have put out there is an even more limiting version of TGF2, but at least it's a step off the 90s marketing train.
Posted by UrbanMonk 18th November, 2010

Well sure more people are bound to pirate it, but more people are bound to buy it too.

The people who pirate wouldn't ever buy it anyway, so no loss in sales.
Posted by Fanotherpg 18th November, 2010

Still pirates buy more legal software than others. They are mostly firstly checking if something is worth their money rather putting it into something unknown.
Posted by OMC 18th November, 2010

Posted by Pixelthief 19th November, 2010

as far as piracy, read this:
Posted by MJK 19th November, 2010

...or play this:
Posted by Sephirenn 19th November, 2010

I'm not just complaining, cause I love the updates, but you guys are starting to fall behind on the daily countdown updates, and we're not even half-way through yet! Let's kick it back into gear!
Posted by Marko 19th November, 2010

How ironic this is stated by you, Sephirenn, considering the next post's content...
Posted by MasterM 20th November, 2010

oh look who is back. the troll lord is back again and guess what he is doing again- he just keeps on trolling.

seriously adam get perma banned, please
Posted by Jenswa 20th November, 2010

Yay! So I am finally going to upgrade


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