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New Demo: Lylian! Episode 1
News posted 17th December, 2010 by Rikus  
The Mighty Robert Dowling released a demo of his new game called: Lylian! That is right folks you can now try this amazing new game out!

If that is not enough if you happen to like the demo, you can also buy the first Episode right now!!! The game is also getting some great coverage all around the interwebs! So get your game on and join Lylian's world!

Click here to go to the Lylian's site to download the demo or buy the game!!!!

Posted by Rikus 17th December, 2010

Congrats Robert! I am downloading the demo right now!
Posted by Dogzer 17th December, 2010

I made this game
Posted by GamesterXIII 17th December, 2010

I'd be embarrassed to even claim that I made this game =x
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 17th December, 2010

I'd be embarrassed to say something so mean.
Posted by HorrendousGames 17th December, 2010

"I'd be embarrassed to even claim that I made this game =x"

Is that why you haven't made anything?
Posted by Ricky 18th December, 2010

This looks interesting. Downloading...
Posted by Bricnic 18th December, 2010

I would download the demo but I have no idea how big it is.. and with very limited quota this is a problem. I stopped downloading after 50mb. Can someone tell me how big the demo download size is?
Posted by alastair john jack 18th December, 2010

Demo is 135mb.
Posted by Robert Dowling 18th December, 2010

Thanks for the feedback, all.
I've learned a lot of lessons during development, and after release of this game. It's had mixed reviews, thankfully mostly favourable.

But I don't think I'll attempt to develop something like this again. Just too hard for my wee little brain. A lot of quality has been affected while trying to do most of it myself - too many shortcuts had to be taken to preserve any remaining sanity I have. Hehe

But I'm glad it's out now, and after a break I'll get back to work on episode two. With improvements in mind.
Posted by alastair john jack 18th December, 2010

"But I don't think I'll attempt to develop something like this again"

"after a break I'll get back to work on episode two"


Posted by Robert Dowling 18th December, 2010

Hehe, yeah like how I did that?

Well, The following episodes for this title are already under way, and most of the 'programming' is there. I just won't start a New project the same way.
Posted by Pan-tosser 18th December, 2010

looks like a great game
Posted by markno2 18th December, 2010

Aww... Installer.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 18th December, 2010

"I'd be embarrassed to even claim that I made this game =x" ~GamesterXIII

It'll be interesting to see the day you finally submit something (if that will ever happen that is), since you're setting the standard way beyond anything even reasonable, so you're actually just building up the flaming of the century since you won't be even near those standards to start with. Ha ha!

You only talk, you know that? So instead of you being here, go ahead and lurk for another ten years and come back when you've actually done something to back up your ridiculous attitude.

@RD: Great work! Downloading...
Posted by Johnny Look 18th December, 2010

it's gamesterxii, why do you people bother replying ?
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 18th December, 2010

Since GamesterXIII is not a usual troll, he ACTUALLY THINKS he is that good, and thus won't stop behaving like the biggest douche if ignored, like usual trolls.

But you're quite right anyway, why bother? TDC is getting more and more douches anyways, and THE ADMINS very seldom speak up in any of all the forum-wanking going on. So again, why bother?
It's much easier to give ol' TDC a big F*** OFF for xmas instead of voicing the fact that abusive a**es won't stop being abusive a**es even if you give them all the room in the world.
I just think it sucks.
Posted by Carnivorous id 18th December, 2010

I like the demo. My only gripe was that I could not use my joypad.

Posted by Johnny Look 18th December, 2010

I don't think he really thinks he's able to do something even close to this, he's just the average troll who posts inflammatory comments in order to get a reaction.

Thing is the admins are allowing him to do so. 90% of the threads or newsposts he replies to end up in a flamewar, yet no one does a thing.

He even took the time to send me a pm calling me idiot out of the blue, which apparently doesn't qualify as "abusing other members" (as it is in the site rules), and nothing was done about it either which is puzzling to say the least, specially considering he already had a warning before that.

Before he appeared out of nowhere this community was really pleasant to be in, with very few to no fights and everyone acting mature.

Ever since he felt like making his presence felt this turned into a constant battle field.

But well whatever, I surely won't lose any more of my time with this, just let him to do whatever he wants, I'll be in the background watching the fireworks.
Comment edited by Johnny Look on 12/18/2010
Posted by OMC 18th December, 2010

So it comes down the lesser of two evils, eh?

Make the decision that someone is a troll and silence them, and have the hordes rain down on you for abusing power.

Or just moderate the extreme insults and have people claim you're not doing your job.

You're right, EE. It does suck. TDC has too many of these catch 22s. I believe politics are the main reason people cease being admins here, after all.

By the way, let's not clog up Robert's news post too much.
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 12/18/2010
Posted by Johnny Look 18th December, 2010

I don't really get it, so no one bans him because admins are afraid of people complaining you are abusing your powers ?

Moderating the insults won't do much once the harm is done, wouldn't it be much better if the insults weren't there in the first place ?

Don't get me wrong, I don't usually question the admins's decisions, but this is getting seriously out of hand and nothing is being done.

Gamesterxii already had a warning but since then he proceeded to break almost all the rules in this website, from having a nazi avatar, harassing members via pm, causing countless arguments on purpose and so on.

I can't see anyone complaining he was banned unfairly.
Posted by OMC 18th December, 2010

That's a bit of an oversimplification, but fair enough.

If you want to blame someone for "being afraid", pick on me since I'm the one who said that. The other admins may not necessarily agree with my evaluation.

Feel free to address me via DC Mail if you'd like to add something. Let's let this news post be.
Posted by HorrendousGames 19th December, 2010

I tried the demo. The gameplay seemed a bit ish, but the presentation was very nice. The style kind of reminds me of an old puzzle game called "sanitarium".

As far as Gamester goes, I don't see any reason to care what he has to say. If he's really that great at developing games, awesome, if not, who cares? Either way, it's one thing for him to say some of the stuff he says, and another thing for everyone to blow it out of proportion.

As far as moderating goes, no one is perfect. Of all the swearing I've seen on this site (which I really don't care about), most of which is used in a negative manor towards another member, a majority of which is not moderated, I remember getting warned for swearing in a stupid little joke, which wasn't used in a negative manor. But who cares? The minute you give someone authority over others is the same time you assume they are mature enough to be able to handle that power. And of course most people like to assume that moderators are at all places at all times, which they aren't.


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