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TDC Christmas Compo: ENDS TODAY!!
News posted 20th December, 2010 by The Chris Street  
The Daily Click Christmas Competition wraps up today!!! If you're still working on your entry you should definitely use this time to finish up loose ends and submit today.

Don't forget, you have until 11.59PM GMT TODAY to get final entries in. We've recieved several entries now, and hopefully a few more can be squeezed in too in the time limit.

Very best of luck to all who enter :)

Posted by 3kliksphilip 21st December, 2010

About time I started on my entry
Posted by Mr. Hexagon 21st December, 2010

I wish I would have heard about this sooner.
Posted by Tropik 21st December, 2010

OMG , 3 days left only?! =P
Posted by GamesterXIII 21st December, 2010

3 months left? Cool!
Posted by Wackyjackie 21st December, 2010

At this moment I've got three almost finished levels...
I need about two weeks to fully finish the game...but two days "should" be enough too .
Comment edited by Arkhaor on 12/21/2010
Posted by Duncan 22nd December, 2010

Could you have mentioned that this is an edit of an old post? I nearly had a heart attack
Posted by HorrendousGames 22nd December, 2010

The Edinistrator strikes again!
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd December, 2010

Sorry. This is an edit of an old post
Posted by Jacob! 23rd December, 2010

I've spent more time on this game than I'm willing to admit. All I'm sayin' is that it involves pumpkins!
Posted by Tropik 23rd December, 2010

I love Christmas competitions! They're so ... Christmasful? ^^
Posted by Xhunterko 23rd December, 2010

Eh, no entry from me this year. Got caught up in ludum dare. And that poll is missing something. I don't see a 'working on games' or 'working' option.


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