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Casual Note #1
News posted 21st January, 2011 by Jon Lambert  
Hi everyone, Jon Lambert again. Just making another news post is all. 'Tis late at night here where I am. 11 PM for some, 23:00 for others. Either way, it's late and I ought to be in bed for the night to be prepared for class tomorrow.

Yesterday, I made a news post, something I rarely do. A day or two before I had read that James was cancelling Tormishire (as I have his blog in my Google Reader list) and thought that, seeing as some people on this site were still interested in the game, I might go ahead and post on TDC. You'll notice that the words of that particular post were written in a rather disinterested tone (or at least as disinterested as possible for me), for two reasons. One would be that I myself am a man of few genuine "interests", and the other would be my anticipation of the reaction the post would get.

Frankly, I'm not entirely sure why I posted it. I knew that there would only be flaming and argument to be found in the post, with a few messages of actual relevancy and interest scattered few and far between. This is what I've come to expect of The Daily Click now. It is truly frustrating for me to know that some of the members here are capable of what they are capable of. There are those who troll, those who curse, those who flare up in the face of offense, and those who stoke the flames of discontent. This is a truly silly community.

In the course of an hour or so, the post went from 39 to 94 comments, the vast majority of which were part of a flame war. Not exactly the kind of flame war I was expecting, but not too far off. There was a lot of swearing and trolling and just absolutely unnecessary hostility. I've since deleted that news post, although it still exists on my hard drive.

Something noteworthy that I found in those comments were mentions of admin inconsistency, prudishness, and general inaction. It appears that some people are unhappy with the way this site is run. It's an interesting sentiment that has been apparent and noticed for a while, and frankly, I'm not quite sure what we're supposed to do about that.

An admin can delete things, and whenever we do, it tends to be the wrong thing. An admin can ignore things, or lock things, or warn, silence, or ban people, and it always tends to be the wrong thing to do. Action or inaction, the DC admin simply cannot win. Why do you suppose that is?

This note probably won't stay here for long you know. It is probably not in my best interest to post it. I'm not sure if I'll allow comments on this post, because it isn't the kind of post I want people to comment on.

What do you want from us?


Apparently, some of you want to read the original post, so you can do that here.

Posted by Rikus 21st January, 2011

Tomshire being cancelled is news, you should not feel bad about posting it, of course it is going to have a reaction it has been on the project page in like a long time, I think you should take this to the admin forums and delete the casual note 1 news post.
Posted by steve 21st January, 2011

"An admin can delete things, and whenever we do, it tends to be the wrong thing."

Yeah. I would have liked to have read the post (even IF it had some argueing in it! Surely we are mature enough to cope with reading conflicts of opinion in an online forum?)

Tomishire was probably the most anticipated game in our community in recent years - I think you should let people debate this even if certain members "flame" each other.

Posted by Ski 21st January, 2011

"Yesterday, I made a news post, something I rarely do"

Why are you an Admin then?
Posted by Jon Lambert 21st January, 2011

Behind-the-scenes/coder-in-training, that's why.

News posts are not the only thing an admin does, and just because I rarely make news posts does not mean that the desire to make one is a rare circumstance.

If you want to read the original post, go right ahead.
Posted by Phredreeke 21st January, 2011

Jon Lambert, you should know better than to post news on the newspage!
Posted by steve 21st January, 2011

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Posted by Johnny Look 21st January, 2011

What happened was something I warned about several times already but since gave up on it. I had the impression I was told the next time something like that happened there would be consequences but stuff happened afterwards more than once and I'm pretty sure even after all that tormishire debacle things remain exactly the same.

Honestly I'm enjoying less and less visiting the boards because of this. It takes only one post to turn a serious discussion into a total clusterfuck, and that's what's been happening over and over again.
Posted by OMC 21st January, 2011

You know, as admins we can silence people.

But the best way to ignore a troll is to ignore a troll.

Also, please just stop using the f word. -_-
Posted by Ricky 21st January, 2011

I guess i'm the only one who laughs reading all the flames.
Posted by Dogzer 21st January, 2011

circy deleted my story!
Posted by Alonso Martin 21st January, 2011

Jon, it's normal for people to complain about people with some sort of power. I live in a country riddled with bureaucracies and people complain, but offer no solution. I suppose addressing it only asks for more complaints.
Posted by Johnny Look 21st January, 2011

The "ignoring the troll" tactic hasn't worked out very well so far, as it ?

How this situation still stands is beyond my reasoning but anyway, like I said, I'm done with this subject. There isn't much else I can do, I'm only repeating myself and what many others already said.

edit: one advice though, I think you guies should care less about what people may or may not say and just act if you think it's justifiable. You have guidelines for that (rules) so it's not that hard. One thing I'm sure, it's impossible to please everyone, there will always be one or two moaning about whatever you do, but it doesn't mean your decision was wrong. Just think for yourselves, not for the entire community at once.

Comment edited by Johnny Look on 1/21/2011
Posted by OMC 21st January, 2011

Heh, someone recently said to do the opposite.

The reason ignoring the trolls hasn't worked is because people don't do it.

We'll decide when someone needs punished. You guys worry about not taking the bait.
Posted by Johnny Look 21st January, 2011

And if it wasn't done then it surely won't change now.
Posted by OMC 21st January, 2011

Good point.
Posted by AugustoAD 21st January, 2011

thanks god he said no comments on this post. haha'
Posted by Phredreeke 21st January, 2011

He meant the original post he linked to.
Posted by Hayo 21st January, 2011

The whole "don't feed the trolls" thing never really made sense to me. If I see some jerk slagging off a nice person I will always react.
Posted by Codemonkey 21st January, 2011

Posted by OMC 21st January, 2011

Reacting and being hostile aren't the same thing.
Posted by chrilley 21st January, 2011

You people and your flame wars. Tsk tsk.
Posted by Jon Lambert 21st January, 2011

I meant this post...

The original post I linked to wasn't there when I first published this post, it is linked after that request, and you can't comment using that page because it isn't on TDC. Just saying.
Posted by Silveraura 21st January, 2011

Posted by Hayo 21st January, 2011

Yeah but being hostile is a form of reaction. Also the only one I see fit when the situation involves a insensitive little prick like gamester. If I ever run into that guy in real life I won't just have a small chat with him.

Edit: sorry about the 2.5 people I am ignoring.
Comment edited by Hayo on 1/21/2011
Posted by GamesterXIII 21st January, 2011

How was I being insensitive? Ahaha.

I just got pissed because Blue66 was acting like Tormishire getting cancelled was a good thing and seemed genuinely enthused. Thus I embarked on a mission to get the rest out of him and piss him off simultaneously. It didn't take long, but then everyone else suffered some chronic exploding blood vessels.

Like I've already said, though I don't really care about the status of their games, It actually upset me that BB decided to "quit," mainly because I imagined myself being in their position.
Comment edited by GamesterXIII on 1/21/2011
Posted by Hayo 21st January, 2011

You were not being insensitive Ahaha, you are insensitive in general. Other words, you are a worthless pile of shit in general, not just on that particular occasion. Even when many members speak out about really disliking you, you just sit laughing behind your screen with your geeky little face.

And I am not saying this because you ever did anything to me. You said crappy things to people I really like.
Posted by Jenswa 21st January, 2011

TDC seems to be on fire!
Posted by GamesterXIII 21st January, 2011

Offensive words on the internet. What do I say to who, if you don't mind me asking?
Posted by Hayo 21st January, 2011

I am just a cute little kitten!
Posted by Ski 21st January, 2011

I heard you're a tiger in bed.
Posted by Hayo 21st January, 2011

Posted by ..::hagar::.. 21st January, 2011


You have rubbed some people up the wrong way Mr Frog.

In my theory this all due to a lack of beard. Rigourous study and empirical tests has lead me to this formula:

Indie Game Success ∝ G * B * T * C^2 * e^1/B

Where : G = the glasses coefficient, where 0 = no glasses; 1 = normal glasses; π = horn rimmed glasses, B = beard mass in kilos, T = goatTee mass in kilos, C = speed of light approx 3 * 10^8
Comment edited by Swiss Hagar on 1/21/2011
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 21st January, 2011

@Hayo: Ha ha ha!

But seriously GamesterXIII, this site was really nice before you started spreading your negative attitude all over the place and pissing at peoples work.

So I guess you're some sort of disease, an STD perhaps?

The fact that you actually can't fathom the concept of you being the main reason for this site's exploding blood vessels as of late, is just you not being smart enough to understand it.
Posted by Silveraura 21st January, 2011

Posted by GamesterXIII 21st January, 2011

Are you implying that you're a virgin, EE?

And by the way, I think a bit of english comprehension is in order. I said I couldn't fathom quitting game design, not that it matters either way. Venous explosions are hilarious.
Posted by Marko 21st January, 2011

Flaming is gonna happen, and haters are gonna hate. The only way i can see to stop people spreading bad words in forums is to ban them from forums, isn't it? The "ignore them" idea doesn't work for everyone, and it only takes one person to ignore that idea to stop it from working.

Anyways, i have to say the Tormi-discussions are a big talking point and you admins shouldn't shy away from such stuff, IMO. If it descends to more flaming/swearing, just impose the rules you've set. Job done then, isn't it?

You can't change people opinions of James et al, and in reality you shouldn't try to, but you can chose what gets printed on this site - it's your right!
Posted by Marko 21st January, 2011

@ GamesterXIII - you don't rub me up the way you do some other people, but i do genuinly want to see what kind of game you can churn out (since i've yet to see one) and the human-nature in me wants to see if it stands up to your high standards, just for curiosity sakes.

Honestly, i'm not sure it would, but even if it didn't i wouldn't dislike you or rub your nose in it
Posted by Hayo 21st January, 2011

"Are you implying that you're a virgin, EE?"

Dude, some people here know what you look like.
Posted by GamesterXIII 21st January, 2011

Hey. I truly need to get something finished. I'd offer to send some of the xmas game I was working on, but I have a bazillion versions all over the place. It would look like a lot less than is actually done because some of the stuff was made in a separate MFA and I didn't spend the 5 minutes it takes to transfer it all over .

Hopefully my friend and I come up with something playable soon. The 20 event compo comes to mind, but being so limited doesn't really show as much as a game without limitations could.

Posted by GamesterXIII 21st January, 2011

I wanna see what I look like.
Posted by Marko 21st January, 2011

That Project Frog game looked promising - what happened to that?
Posted by GamesterXIII 21st January, 2011

I was working alone and couldn't come up with the graphics/animations I needed. Its on the back burner until my friend and I can work on it together. I think he has plans for some other projects before we work on that one - as soon as the 20 event competition is over that is .

Posted by Hayo 21st January, 2011

But when it gets done it will beat Tormishire in wit and raw epicness.
Posted by GamesterXIII 21st January, 2011

Yeah I've made that claim a million times!
Posted by Hayo 21st January, 2011

Meanwhile we are 45 comments into not posting in this thread
Posted by Marko 21st January, 2011

It seems to have worked, that request...
Posted by Silveraura 21st January, 2011

Posted by AndyUK 21st January, 2011

It's quite amazing how much attention these boss baddie news posts get.
Although I guess a lot of the posts aren't on topic.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 22nd January, 2011

@Gamester: I would really like to point out all things wrong with your interpretation of my post, but I won't. Instead I'll just laugh for myself reading your retarded comments.
Posted by GamesterXIII 22nd January, 2011

Posted by Jenswa 22nd January, 2011

It's just like with pink elephants. You told that you should not think about pink elephants and then the pink elephants get trapped inside your mind.

Instead of kindly asking not to comment on this post, why don't disable commenting in this news post?
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd January, 2011

Thats not a bad idea actually.
Posted by Johnny Look 22nd January, 2011

I think he was just kidding about the "don't comment here" bit. As in "Don't comment here because I know there's going to be a flamewar".
Posted by Jon Lambert 22nd January, 2011

We can't disable comments on news posts I don't think, and I said no comments because the point was for people to send DC mails with their opinions, since no one else could read them and comment on them.
Posted by Rikus 22nd January, 2011

I disagree limiting comments in news posts that kind of breaks the idea for the site. You should always be allowed to voice your opinion about anything.
Posted by ..::hagar::.. 22nd January, 2011

Hear Hear!, as long as discussions are clean and not slanderous I think discussion is a great thing.
Posted by aphant 22nd January, 2011

Except for when that opinion either goes against popular opinion or isn't blind praise, apparently.
Posted by Jon Lambert 22nd January, 2011

I didn't want people reading other responses so that they would b pure, as opposed to someone changing their mind based on what a friend says or not voicing their opinion because it goes against everyone else or someone else already said something similar. It's supposed to be more like a survey than a discussion.
Posted by markno2 22nd January, 2011

Well that's a shame. Let's hope it's posted here as abandonware. Or hope that one of the testers goes rogue and releases the beta copy.
Posted by Ski 22nd January, 2011

You can't really, he made a silly little security thing so only betas could play it. I remember having to send him some code so he'd send me one in return so I could unlock it, or something totally anal.

I guess if you want to play Tormishire, play Wake. That too is full of particle effects, blurs, totally dark patches and crap like that.
Posted by ..::hagar::.. 23rd January, 2011

@Aphant: I have voiced my thoughts in the "I think" thread, people can take it or leave it

Anyhow, I wonder why he does not release Tormi as it is so can people can see what has been done and see what it is like.

Posted by Silveraura 23rd January, 2011

Posted by ..::hagar::.. 23rd January, 2011

Posted by Jenswa 23rd January, 2011

Discussion is a great thing and I love reading comments because they add valuable information to the news in most of the times.

But the news post can be kept clean if the news posts have their own forum page and there people can comment on the news.


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