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New Project: Heart Forth, Alicia
News posted 28th January, 2011 by Rikus  
Adventure and RPG fans take notice!: Alonso Martin is still hard at work at his latest game called Heart Forth, Alicia

Martin uploaded some gameplay videos on his project page and they look stunning! If you love action adventures with a mixture of RPG elements thrown into it, then be sure to keep track of this game. I also think this game would look awesome on the Ihpone if Alonso ever decides to port it over. Great stuff!

Click here to go to the project page for this game!!!!

Posted by Mark McCauley 28th January, 2011

Wow this does look amazingly beautiful, i love the artwork and look forward to playing it
Posted by W3R3W00F 28th January, 2011

Oh my word, it's beautiful.

Posted by Rikus 28th January, 2011

Agreed! Favouriting!
Posted by OMC 28th January, 2011

Thanks for keeping the front page fresh, Rikus.
Posted by Ski 28th January, 2011

Glad to see Alonso is working on this again
Posted by GamesterXIII 28th January, 2011

This has been in development for so long. Glad to see that it hasn't been cancelled.
Posted by Alonso Martin 29th January, 2011

Hey Thanks for the front page news It's being slowly made. The engine is all finished, I just need to build the areas, cutscenes, etc. Still a long way to go, so please don't get your hopes up x).
Posted by Mark McCauley 3rd February, 2011

all good things take time mate. and are worth waiting for, whether we fulfill our creations or not , its still nice watching other flowers sprout up, wishing you loads of luck at finding the time to complete it


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