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The Daily Click Update - Week 1
News posted 11th February, 2011 by Flava  
You've all had a chance to check out the new Daily Click design, and the feedback has been largely positive - we couldn't have wished for any better! We have also received a few suggestions, all of which we are considering - so if you have any more feedback, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Every week I plan on taking you through some new features that will be arriving in the design, as well as updates to current features and answers to your questions.

This week I'll be covering the mail system - now called the messages system. It works pretty much how you would expect, however we've now had the chance to introduce a few changes here and there.

The first screen-shot shows the main messages page. Pretty much the same as now, except you can now mark multiple messages as read/unread. Also note there is now a "Sent" folder on the left - yes, finally you can view and manage messages that you have sent!

The next screen-shot shows the "Compose message" page. Again, the basic feature is the same except it is now much easier to find and send messages to users. You can select a user from your friends list, or search for a user (see screen-shots below) extremely quickly. All of this is done using background requests - so no loading new pages or opening pop-up windows!

That pretty much covers the messages system for now - we have a few other ideas we'd like to incorporate, but otherwise it is pretty much complete. Please let us know what you think, and also if you have any suggestions.

We also now have our own project page - soon you should see a new post there which answers some of the questions which were asked in the previous news post. So please check it out!

Posted by OMC 11th February, 2011

Great hornswoggles of the north!
Posted by aphant 11th February, 2011

Can we send messages to multiple users at once?
Posted by Jess Bowers 11th February, 2011

Can we get the SOURCE CODE checkbox on downloads?
Posted by UrbanMonk 11th February, 2011

So how many more of these posts are we going to have before the actual update happens?

New countdown?
Posted by Jon Lambert 11th February, 2011

No more countdowns.

Posted by aphant 11th February, 2011

Can we get a countdown to the announcement that there won't be a countdown for the actual update?
Posted by Flava 11th February, 2011

No more countdowns sorry!

We don't know when the update will take place exactly - sometime this year is all we can say at the moment. There is still a lot of work to be done!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 11th February, 2011

I liked the countdown! We should use them for many occasions!
Posted by G. Hull 11th February, 2011

I have to say, one of the problems I've always had was searching for things. It took forever when I did, and the result turned out really confusing. Maybe you can change this too?
Posted by G. Hull 11th February, 2011

Oh, another thing. Sometimes, I've tried to find a certain news post that was old, but couldn't find it. If you could implement a news archive, that would be excellent.
Posted by OMC 11th February, 2011

Well, we do have one!

Could do with some expanding though.
Posted by Marko 11th February, 2011

I like it so far. It all looks so much cleaner to me
Posted by Jenswa 11th February, 2011

Looks fresh
Posted by Fredrik Ortmon 11th February, 2011

Looks great and fresh
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 11th February, 2011

Looks great and fresh and saucy!
Posted by Liquixcat 11th February, 2011

looks great, fresh, saucy and bogus
Posted by monkeytherat 11th February, 2011

looks a'ight
Posted by -J- 11th February, 2011

Looks great, but I might suggest a trash folder or something where deleted messages go and are deleted permanently after 10 days or so, just incase you've accidently deleted a message that you need. Another suggestion would be the ability to create new folders and store groups of messages in them, just to clean up your inbox if it's too cluttered.

Posted by CYS 12th February, 2011

Was kinda hoping the new design will come right after the countdown. Was really quite disappointed. But at least a new design is coming.

Why not do a phase integration? Have the new design up, then integrate new features in phases. You can get more tangible feedback this way.
Posted by OMC 12th February, 2011

It might be a little disappointing, but we lost the shackles, so Flava and Club escape a lot. If you can find them, we'll tie them to their computers and it'll be finished a lot faster.

The site isn't far enough along to replace the old one yet, but I don't doubt there will be a transition phase before it's perfected.
Posted by Duncan 12th February, 2011

Can I be featured in a screenshot of the new DC?
Posted by Sumo148 12th February, 2011

I was in the first screenshot looking good guys!
Posted by monkeytherat 12th February, 2011

Will there be a way to block users from sending you mail?If so, will it also work on forum posts (their posts have a show/hid post feature)? I remember this was suggested a while ago, but I don't remember what decision was made.
Posted by ..::hagar::.. 12th February, 2011

I think the whole admin system needs to be overhauled, firstly a log of admin actions is urgently needed as I have suggested before.

Also I would like to suggest a system where content is not deleted on the spot, but a viewable flag is set if moderation is deemed necessary (on the user or a specific piece of content, which stops anyone bar the site adminís viewing).

If this moderation flag remains for greater than 30 days, the offending content is automatically deleted (I do know this type of system is in use on one site I visit). The content can only be deleted in a shorter time via the approval of 3 site admins.

Think about it, it makes a lot of sense. If someone plays up, site admin have evidence to back up their decision. On the other hand, if the community (letís not forget sites such as the TDC would be nothing without a willing community) suspects foul play, the admins can prove their decision openly and honestly or the decision can be easily corrected or confirmed. Such a system also allows for the alleged perpetrators to plead their case.

It makes sense on all fronts.

Posted by OMC 12th February, 2011

We've discussed such a system, and as far as I know, the only thing in the way is to code it.
Posted by Flava 12th February, 2011

Hagar, pretty much everything you said we've already discussed - and it'll all be on the new site in some form or another.

I'll cover more about it soon - but just so you know, it is something we are going to change.
Comment edited by Flava on 2/12/2011
Posted by ..::hagar::.. 12th February, 2011

Awesome, I could code that type of thing easily in C or C++ but I have not got a clue with php and mysql databases... Although that said I have heard php is very C like.


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