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New Demo: Level 2
News posted 13th April, 2011 by The Chris Street  
Neuro, creator of the fantastic Plasma Warrior and Paroxysm, is back with a new project, based interestingly enough, on a bands newly released music album. The game is called Level 2, and a small demo has been uploaded for everyone to try. It looks fantastic, yet rather crazy at the same time ;)

Comments from the Author:
"Level 2 is the video game to go along with Last Chance to Reason's newly released album of the same name. Each level of the game is a song from the album, and provided here is the first level, 'Upload Complete'. The rest of the game is still under construction. The game is a hybrid of platformer and arcade shoot-em-up, with events synchronized with the music. Blast your way through a digital world and shoot for a high score! "

Click here to play the game and read its reviews

Posted by siven 14th April, 2011

this is amazing...
Posted by Neuro 14th April, 2011

Thank you very much for the front page! Really appreciate it
Posted by Neuro 14th April, 2011

Just a note: This is not my band! They contacted me a long time ago, a little after Plasma Warrior. I am nowhere near their level in terms of musical ability!
Posted by The Chris Street 14th April, 2011

Thanks for that update; front page has now been tweaked


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