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First XNA Runtime Release on Xbox Live: Zombie Racers
News posted 7th September, 2011 by The Chris Street  
This post is very significant as it's the first game released on Xbox Live using Clickteams XNA runtime, currently in beta. So here's some great news for you, if you hate zombies... Big Head Games have released a game in which you kill the little blighters in your car. You have to kill a certain number within the time limit before you can progress. The name? Zombie Racers.

Comments from the Author(s):
"Take your bloody revenge from behind the wheel of an automotive zombie killing machine. Play single player score attack where reaching your target of zombie kills unlocks the next stage or take on a friend in multiplayer free roaming where finding weapons means the difference between winning and dying. Be it a zombie magnet, a flame thrower or a bomb it could be the last choice you make."

Click here to buy or try the game for 80 MS Points

Posted by GamesterXIII 8th September, 2011

Too bad the XBL Marketplace kinda sucks for indie games. Oh well though, this is pretty cool news. Always nice to see progress
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th September, 2011

I'm interested to know if it sells well.
Posted by Smirnoff 8th September, 2011

It takes a really standout game to sell well on the Indie Marketplace. Regardless, it's awesome to see MMF2 finally becoming something really worthwhile for crossplatform distribution.
Posted by MasterM 8th September, 2011

Don't mean to be a dick but I don't think mmf is good enough for Xbox games. As much as people wish it was pro I just don't think it is. I'm wondering what extensions are supported. Also I see this game is only a test because I certainly wouldn't buy it. Sorry. Look at one of the most successful click games : eight sky. He
Posted by MasterM 8th September, 2011

And at this point android fucked up. Thanks. So look at night sky. He needed a custom run time and the game runs at a very tiny resolution. I don't think mmf games can run in a very high resolution when a lot is going on or should I just shut the Fuck up because of the almighty hardware acceleration and that way I can code limbo, braid, Scott Pilgrim vs the world, castle crashets in mmf?
Posted by nim 8th September, 2011

I don't remember there being an XNA build announcement. Or is this one of the beta testers releasing their game early?
Posted by MasterM 8th September, 2011

one of the beta testers releasing their game early

Posted by The Chris Street 8th September, 2011

Yes, the XNA runtime has still not been released yet, it could well be some time before that happens. I guess this was more of an experimental thing.

But I've played it, it's simplistic but quite fun too
Posted by Jeff Vance 8th September, 2011

3 1/2 stars out of 5
84 reviews/rates

Many "traditionally" coded games have rated much lower.

Posted by OMC 8th September, 2011

This is the runtime I've been wanting in the long string of runtimes.

Can't wait!
Posted by Carnivorous id 8th September, 2011

Looks good. I hope multiplayer games are easy to make.
Posted by twiterror 8th September, 2011

Looks very interesting! Here's hoping it doesn't get removed! :-0
Posted by HorrendousGames 8th September, 2011

"Too bad the XBL Marketplace kinda sucks for indie games." It used to be good, but them Microsoft decided it was a cool idea to make the indie games harder to find.

"It takes a really standout game to sell well on the Indie Marketplace."
Nope, it takes good timing and luck to sell well on the XBLIG marketplace.

"3 1/2 stars out of 5
84 reviews/rates

Many "traditionally" coded games have rated much lower."
At this rate, you're doing much better than mine is. Unfortunately, I released it within a day of two other games with similar playing styles.

Posted by HorrendousGames 9th September, 2011

Oh and fun fact, XNA can be used to develop XBLA games, in fact Microsoft states it's preferable as there needs to be little done in order to prepare the game for it, as opposed to using C# itself or another coding language/engine. No reason why this engine couldn't be used to develop XBLA games, which definitely is not a bad place to be for indie games.
Posted by Blue66 9th September, 2011

I've heard that games on XBOX run way faster than they would on a pc with equal or even better hardware because of resource management. So if that is true, I wouldn't worry too much about resolution or performance of MMF games on XBOX.
Posted by alastair john jack 9th September, 2011

Computers are far beyond the xbox 360 generation now.
Posted by Jenswa 9th September, 2011

Cool XNA runtime!

Ehm computers maybe have better hardware at this moment than the xbox 360 has, but the xbox might have better optimized software for running your game.
Posted by Windybeard Games 9th September, 2011

How do these runtimes work, is it a straight compiling thing or does the game have to be made in a different version of MMF?
Posted by Jeff Vance 9th September, 2011

Its a build type in the application properties.

When you install the export module it add the build type to the program.

Then you just select what you want MMF to produce and click build.

Then depending on the output you selected (iOS for example) you either have a finished file or you have the code to finish the compile under the requirements set forth by the platform (Xcode/Apple for example)
Posted by twiterror 10th September, 2011

hope this doesn't get removed by circy or something!


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