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New Game: Pitiri 1977
News posted 28th December, 2011 by Jon Lambert  
Christmas may be over, but there are still gifts to be found! Not a fan/observer of Christmas? Lucky you, because that means that all sorts of cool fun stuff is happening for no apparent reason, which just means your world is full of arbitray-gift magic! Today's (read: December 23rd's) gift is Pitiri 1977, hot off of Iamjot's presses. This platforming adventure is now available at Gamersgate after over 2 years of work, and it shows. Let's see what Iamjot can tell us about his creation.

Comments from Iamjot: Your player character's name is Eli, whose brother has been kidnapped on his birthday. He wasn't taken by men, but by a strange being, a monster from unknown origin. The adventure starts as you pick up the scent and try to track down the monster and retrieve your little brother. To your advantage, Eli isn't a normal kid, but has several supernatural powers at his disposal. Abilities he will need, in order to survive the dangerous realms you will make him venture into – strange places, a twisted 70s science fiction world, that lies beyond the known …

You can click here to buy it from Gamersgate, but Iamjot has an important message for you before you do that! Read that message here.

Posted by MasterM 30th December, 2011

is there any demo i might try?
Posted by Tropik 30th December, 2011

Is it created in Clickteam's editor?
Posted by MasterM 31st December, 2011

what is clickteams editor?
Posted by danjo 31st December, 2011

he means MMF made by clickteam. YES it was... and btw, good luck actually installing it, cause gamersgate has royally f@ked it!
Posted by ..::hagar::.. 31st December, 2011

I would like to try out a demo too.
Posted by GamesterXIII 31st December, 2011

What a pretty "Game."
Posted by MasterM 1st January, 2012

everyone likes demos. while this game looks really amazing with great graphics and some very clever mechanics and engine it just beats me how you can only provide a lousy trailer (seriously the HEADLINES are incredibly bad just like the text which makes me just yawn like with that video you are underselling your game it seems to me).

like why cant you just give people a DEMO? i dont buy anything i don't know much about / only know a video and screenshots from. overall its your call and your marketing but your marketing MIGHT suck like the marketing of other companies as in clickteam themselves hahaha
Posted by danjo 1st January, 2012

well, heres what i thought. it looks nice. the platform engine is pretty good, but i found some minor annoyances due to the use of physics (which in all honesty - didnt even need to be used in making this. it could have be done without it, and a more robust platform engine would have resulted)
<br />
its REALLY short - im guessing thats why theres no demo, cause you play it, unlock a feature and think "WTF do i need this to play it again - i wont bother."
<br />
i paid for it, it looks nice and tons of hard work has gone into the look and feel of it, but i certainly felt like i didnt get my moneys worth - ie it was far too short.(there are secret areas to find, but nothing awesome to keep you looking for more)
<br />
wheresas something like eternal daughter was an epic - and free.
Comment edited by danjo on 1/1/2012
Posted by Fordom 3rd January, 2012

I want a demo!
Posted by ILIKESCIFI Games 3rd January, 2012

This is a tech demo. YouŽll be able to play one Level and fool around with EliŽs Abilities. Have fun Image

Here You go... youŽll find a download link on this site:



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