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The TDC Archive #6 : Factor X
News posted 4th August, 2013 by The Chris Street  
After a lengthy hiatus, Episode #6 of The TDC Archive is now online, featuring a game that attempted to go out of its way to be controversial.

Factor X is that game, created by Fallen Angel, and its creators had a vision to make the most violent, more gory klik game ever conceived - and to ideally better the classic Destruction Carnival.

If you have any games you'd like me to consider for this, let me know! If you have copies of said games, let me know where I can get them from too ;)

Which game will feature next time? Only one way to find out...

PS: Sorry I haven't been active for the last couple of months!

Posted by SoftWarewolf 5th August, 2013

i LOVE Factor X, i was really unimpressed by the review since you clearly just used the level select and failed on every level
Yes it's bloated, because it has tons of content! if all you want is the arcade mode, you have that as well.
my only complaints are the metal gear thingy that i can't figure out, and it should have had a proper continue function instead of just ending up giving everyone access to level select.
Posted by nim 5th August, 2013

Nice video. Good to see you making these again. This one felt more like a critical review than a nostalgic look back, but it's your video series and you're free to do whatever you like with it. I remember playing the FX beta more even after the full game was released because it was just really small single arena with a simple background. I'd love to see a TDC Archive video featuring Destruction Carnival
Posted by Marko 5th August, 2013

I loved watching that - never played it but feel like i want to now. Does anyone know if the download link still works (sorry for being too lazy to look!)
Posted by The Chris Street 5th August, 2013

Yeah, this was a bit more like a review I guess. I've always thought Factor X was over-rated but I suppose I let my opinions get in the way of this video a bit.

Ten years ago I thought I was quite ok at playing the game, but that honestly was around the last time I played it, hence me being so crap at it. I'm not going to spend what little free time I have trying to re-perfect my gameplay skills on a game I think is over-rated when I have more important stuff to do.

Destruction Carnival will feature at some point probably - when I get some spare time.

But I'll try and be more level-headed with future videos.
Posted by Kevin Smets 6th August, 2013

These are very well done, mate. Good to see some of the oldies on here. I also love how Klik now can be used to iOS games! How far it's come... anyway, nice work, and feel free to roast Future Fantasy in a future addition
Posted by CYS 6th August, 2013

Great vid! loved the game where it first came out, and decided to check it out again a few months back, only to discover that all the links to the game were gone. Perhaps someone with the game can do a reupload?
Posted by Rikus 7th August, 2013

Loved it!!
Posted by UrbanMonk 9th August, 2013

Destruction Carnival really was an awesome game. I wish I still had the source somewhere. Someone should build a flash version.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 10th August, 2013

UrbanM, i got the source and started fixing it up for a flash version with Charles permission half a year ago, got most of the levels ready, but then just got distracted by other projects.
Posted by UrbanMonk 12th August, 2013

Finish it!

Is there much "fixing up" to do though? I figured it would work without changing anything.
Posted by Toadsanime 22nd August, 2013

Honestly, I'd rather hear your opinion on the game you're showcasing anyway.

Pity that there's no available download link around, from what it seems. I'd be all for Destruction Carnival being your next spotlight.
Posted by Codemonster 24th August, 2013

Lol leave it to circlesoft to bury those guys 10 years after the fact


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