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Good News Everyone!
News posted 19th November, 2013 by Liquixcat  
Clickteam has just announced the official release date of their new Application Clickteam Fusion 2.5! Do you want to know when it is? Huh, do ya'?

December 3rd, 2013
Why that's practically tomorrow! Or, in the event you're reading this on December 2nd, it is tomorrow! I don't know about you, but I'm as excited as a pig in the mud with chocolate cupcakes (Pigs love Chocolate cupcakes)!

From the Steam Page:
"Game and software creation has never been easier or quicker than with Multimedia Fusion 2.5! Discover the tool used by so many multimedia professionals, game creators, and creative people from all walks of life."

Click Here to Check out the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Steam Page

Posted by -Liam- 19th November, 2013

They didn't respond to my asking about a possible upgrade price for existing users, so I'm guessing there isn't one. I hope it's worth the money.

Edit: That logo. All I can see is Gillette Fusion.
Comment edited by -Liam- on 11/19/2013
Posted by nim 19th November, 2013

Jeff said on the CT forum that there'll be a pretty good upgrade price for MMF2 users.
Posted by s-m-r 19th November, 2013

I'm happy to hear that there's a built-in physics engine. Hopefully I can decipher it a bit better than Box2D...I never spent the time needed to figure that one out.

And the Angry Birds clone in the video gives us all a clue as to the types of games they're trying to build. I think it's smart they're not trying to directly compete with some of the 3D SDKs out there (Unity comes to mind...).

Finally...Here's to hoping the upgrade price is affordable.
Posted by UrbanMonk 19th November, 2013

Well I'm ready to celebrate come December 4th! Day 1 purchase for me!
Posted by Liquixcat 19th November, 2013

Apparently I read the Steam Page wrong... somehow, but it's actually being released on December 3rd. Woo! Earlier!
Posted by Mark McCauley 20th November, 2013

good news indeed. I for another one am awaiting eagerly.

time to hang up the old TGF2 ?
unless theres a way to port applications from TGF2 to Android apps that I am unaware of ?

I got years and years of stuff that Id like to turn into apps but yeah roll on Dec 3rd

Posted by GamesterXIII 20th November, 2013

Is there somewhere that lists the differences between current MMF2 and MMF 2.5?
Posted by UrbanMonk 20th November, 2013

Chris Carson (Gamesare) is working on a handy comparison chart!
Posted by lembi2001 20th November, 2013

OMG!! This look amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Hopefully the upgrade won't be too pricey
Posted by Chloe Sagal 20th November, 2013

This is great news. Hopefully this will help inspire me to keep working. :/
Posted by GamesterXIII 21st November, 2013

Thank you, UrbanMonk
Posted by The Chris Street 21st November, 2013

Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Fusion 2.5
MMF 2.5

Im seeing three names thrown around... what is the actual name?!
Posted by UrbanMonk 22nd November, 2013

Construct 3
Posted by OMC 22nd November, 2013

Seems to be "Clickteam Fusion 2.5".
Posted by GamesterXIII 22nd November, 2013

So with that said . . . is MMF2.5 still going to have the update to the rendering engine? Thats the biggest selling point for me.
Posted by OMC 27th November, 2013

Comment edited by OMC on 11/27/2013
Posted by Mark McCauley 28th November, 2013

so.. One more question -
<br />
Why do we have to wait til the 3rd December?
<br />
Image( want it now
<br />
and is TGF2 the same thing as MMF2?
<br />
and would I be able to use Fusion 2.5?
<br />
is it like a patch for existing softwares regardless of name?
<br />
ah dammit thats more than one question!
<br />
5 more days man.....5! I shall go quite mad waiting for that long.excuse me I have a nice Wall to chew on

as of the three names , chris, talk about something being so darn Clicking Con-fusion or what?
Comment edited by Mark McCauley on 11/28/2013
Posted by GamesterXIII 28th November, 2013

TGF2 is basically MMF2 with limitations. It looks like they did away with this version (hence the higher upgrade price.)

I think you would have to do a full install if you upgrade from TGF2.
Posted by scaneider 29th November, 2013

Holy shit, $399 is so expensive, does that included all the available exporter or you have to purchase separately?
Posted by eliris 2nd December, 2013

Exciting news.
Nonexcited wallet.
Posted by Rox Flame 10th December, 2013

Awesome! Just upgraded and installed
Looking forward to playing with it!
Posted by Mark McCauley 12th December, 2013

upgraded tgf2, upgraded mmf2 and also clickfusion (steam version (not very keen on this option)
my experience- oh so mmf2 is basically exactly the same as tgf2, and clickfusion is the same again , ok lets try out the touch screen function, save as android app, o no android app convert, ok lets save as java, hmm instructions confuse me, installed sun yep, installed jdk, yep, try follow the instructions again and again, , the touchscreen function isnt includable in saving , run command in what now? cmd prmpt nope, erm webpage java console, ok, so now, keytool, gah i give up. So short version, I interpreted the sales pitch towards affirming android app converting to be included with the clickfusion, erm got no more money now, youve had me last, benefits capped, losing me internet etc so good bye maybe ( cant afford anymore., lighter note, it does feel a bit smoother, just not sure these upgrades have made any difference to my life yet- ~If i prove myself wrong i shall reiterate. I already got the asdk and other such kits but thought click products always make everything easy to do. just saying cos this is gonna be a nightmare for many others not clued up on how to go about all this java installing business (I know its needed but theres gotta be an easier way which im sure youre working on, for future updates ,sigh I thought this was it, alas i aint so confident now.
I know its probably just me


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