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Lost Valley
News posted 2nd December, 2017 by Liquixcat  
Although I'm sure this has been mentioned at least twice before ...

Lost Valley! by MIG2.

What a treat of a game, and just in case you've missed it here it is in all its kliking glory. It's even being hosted by us because it made the prestigious Klik Museum.

Did you know I'm fueled by comments on my news posts? When I log in and see comments I get giddy like a kitty. So come on, don't be shy. Let's smash that Satan Sam record!

Posted by Carnivorous id 3rd December, 2017

This is one of my favs.
Comment edited by Carnivorous id on 03/12/2017
Posted by LordHannu 3rd December, 2017

The colors are Wierd for me.
Posted by markno2 4th December, 2017

MIG2 is still making Klik games. He just released "Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles 2" earlier this year. It's probably the best Klik game ever.
Posted by UrbanMonk 4th December, 2017

LordHannu it could be because the game uses 256 color mode. Try enabling that in the compatibility settings.

If that doesn't work then you could always run it using virtual box.
Posted by Liquixcat 5th December, 2017

MIG2 should upload it to TDC!
Posted by LordHannu 8th December, 2017

Urbanmonk I played the game it was the intro that had wierd colors. It was a interesting game.
Posted by Jason Orme 18th January, 2018

My favorite Klik game of all time, I go back to it now and then.


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