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News posted 28th March, 2018 by Liquixcat  
As always, the ever present The MPP has uploaded Noah & Cynthia's Multiplayer Ruimte Avontuur which I'm pretty confident isn't the same English I learned. I know English, I should know that's not English.

Hi TDC, I think we're getting warmed up. We got Circy back, which I'm sure is a lot more interesting than lil 'ol me! I'm personally super excited, and I'm confident we can get this site back into it's old state of...

Amazing awesome super cool pretty super turbo chill land of neat!

Got NEWS? Send it my way and if it's posted you'll get a cool 100 DC points; It's basically Bitcoin, but you know, worth more.

Posted by Rikus 29th March, 2018

Lol love the news post! Noah & Cynthia's Space multiplayer space adventure is the name of the game
Posted by OMC 29th March, 2018

Posting spree Image
Posted by UrbanMonk 4th April, 2018

That red alien thing in one of the screenshots was from the klik and play graphics library.

What even is that thing anyway?
Posted by The MPP 4th April, 2018

@UrbanMonk It's an alien from the Klik N' Play library, duh.
He was used in one of the example games in the KnP demo.
Posted by UrbanMonk 5th April, 2018

I know it well. Played that little game plenty.


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