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Noah & Cynthia's Multiplayer Ruimte Avontuur
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Noah & Cynthia's Multiplayer Ruimte Avontuur
AKA Noah & Cynthia's Multiplayer Space Adventure

This is a crappy game I made a while ago as a joke between my friends. Its in Dutch and uses a lot of library graphics and is overall not a very good game. Most of the humor are inside jokes between me and my friends. I think I spend about... 2-3 hours on it?

Here's a summary of what it is about:

NCMRA is a two player game where one player controls Noah and the other controls Cynthia.

Story :

Long ago the universe was created. But when the universe was created "Spazira" was also born. Spazira was a creature of pure evil, so he was trapped inside the core of a planet. But after 6000 years he escaped and started assembling and evil army. Now the friends Noah & Cynthia have to stop him!

Controls :

NOAH - Move with WASD
Shoot with X

Shoot with M

ESC - Exit game

Grab APPLES to win the level.

The red bar indicates the players life
The purple bar indicates the boss' life

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