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Fusion 2.5+ has been released and Fusion 3 update
News posted 2nd April, 2019 by Joshtek  

It was delayed slightly because Steam doesn't like releases on Sundays, but Clickteam Fusion+ DLC has now been released! The price has also been revealed at $59.99 USD but will be on sale for the first two weeks for $49.99 USD (around 40). Fusion 2.5+ is an add-on, so you will need to already have Fusion 2.5. Based on what Clickteam have said (see below) the fact that this is released is a paid-for add-on is due to a combination of Fusion 3 being some way off and Fusion being on a purchase model rather than a subscription model. Because Fusion 2.5+ is an add-on Fusion 2.5 will still get updates like bug fixes.

There are a number of features I've not detailed on my previous Fusion 2.5+ posts, including the ability to define up to 260 named alterable values and strings per object (compared with 26 for each previously). As noted in the comments section of the previous post the child events system was one which was originally discussed as part of the Multimedia Fusion 2 private beta and was subsequently touted as a feature of Clickteam Fusion 3.

Speaking of Fusion 3, Clickteam recently stated in a Facebook post that they "are still working hard on Fusion 3 but due to some delays due to change in staff and some other factors, it will be some time yet". A recent Clickteam forum post from Clickteam's UK Manager Simon Pittock responds to queries about the console exporter service by stating that: "...Clickteam needs to earn realistic profit for the amount of development time we expend, in order to drive the Fusion 3 line (and Fusion 2.5 / Fusion 2.5+ / exporters) hard with heavy investment in new developers and resources...Users very loudly said "NO" to subscription model so we have to realistically balance revenue streams to ensure that along with being accessible, Fusion 3 makes more money and drives the company forward."

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