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Reunion planned for Klik MMORPG Smileyhouse
News posted 26th August, 2019 by Joshtek  

SmileyHouse was a fun and quirky MMORPG made in Multimedia Fusion using MooClick that was active between 2002 and 2008 where everyone had their own customisable smiley. It featured player-on-player combat, enemy monsters to fight, mining, fishing, cooking, quests, rubber chickens, dungeons and of course tree shaking. Many of the players were, perhaps unsurprisingly, members of the Klik community, and ended up joining in with the development of the game by making their own mini-games, contributing graphics, or suggesting ideas. I ended up joining the team pretty early on, but the main author is LittleWashu AKA Code6.

Code6 will be turning his Jamagic-based servers back on for a reunion event which kicks off on Sunday the 22nd of September 2019 (1PM EST, which is 6PM BST or 5pm UTC). He has even recovered everyone's old player accounts from a 2010 backup. At present there are no plans for the official server to remain up for more than a few days after the event so be sure to put it in your calendar.

For more information you can check out the Official SmileyHouse Reunion website. The whole event will be organised via the SmileyHouse Discord so those taking part are advised to join the chat for technical support and general discussion. People are also encouraged to spread the news about this reunion amongst the community, especially for those in touch with people who used to play the game back in the day.

Posted by Joshtek 26th August, 2019

And for a blast from the past, you can check out for SmileyHouse's page on The Daily Click, which includes review comments from 2004 such as:

"With a vast amount of worlds to explore, tons of items to get, and lot's of people online to attack what more could you ask for? ...This game is an excellent example of what can be done using MMF and a great example on using MOO....It is perfect for when you want to play something but don't want to spend a lot of time (But you end up spending time anyway because the game is so fun)" (Vortex2, 9/10)

"One of the best click games ever, definitely. Most addicting. Most fun... Overall I think this is a fabulous click game, and if you haven't downloaded it yet, do it now. I have 56k and the download went extremely fast. The game is online, too, and that's always a plus, because you have people to talk to. Overall, 10/10. Amazing work." (awesomeanimator, 10/10)

"When you start the game you feel right at home. There is plenty of things to do also. You can fish and mine and hunt and play on your state of the art game toy. It is just a great experience. The graphics are a sure ten because of the uniqueness of all of the pieces. Anyone can submit art so that makes them all different and they all may be not good or not bad but it is just the coolness of this graphic style that makes you want to *celebrate emoji*" (Nuklear41, 7.5/10)

...and of course: "I don't know how this game got such high ratings to be honest" (Silveraura, 1/10).

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Posted by Code6 26th August, 2019

Looking forward to it!
Posted by The MPP 26th August, 2019

This sounds like fun! I'll try to take part in the event!
Posted by Ambrion 26th August, 2019

I tried to register and attempt to make this MMO up and running, but it refused to load and enter. What you're doing here is a blessing and something I never thought I'd see, because I got the exe from that Flanville thread and it was ages ago (I think). Joshtek, I might be able to participate, as this reunion/host is close to my birthday!! /images/celebrate.gif
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Posted by Joshtek 26th August, 2019

Convert2Double: It'd be great if you could join us! The official server isn't up at the moment, but it should go online shortly before the event.
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Posted by UrbanMonk 26th August, 2019

Ah great. I'll add this to my calendar.
Posted by BigAl0104 27th August, 2019

I guess I could join in too, this sounds like fun. Also, just like to make a suggestion. Next time you announce an event, could you also include MST time because that's my time zone and it will make it easier for me to know at what time the event will happen. Just a thought.
Posted by Joshtek 27th August, 2019

Good point BigAl0104. People can visit to see when it is in their timezone.
Posted by BigAl0104 27th August, 2019

Coolio. Thanks!
Posted by The Chris Street 31st August, 2019

Will do my best to remember =
Posted by Joshtek 22nd September, 2019

Circy: Hope to see you there
Posted by Code6 24th September, 2019

Thanks to everyone who came out. It was fun playing with you all! Server is still up for anyone who missed it.
Posted by Joshtek 27th September, 2019

It was great to see everyone who showed up. We're going to have a second meetup on this Sunday, i.e. September 29, 2019 (1PM EDT). I hope you can make it!

See for when that is in your time zone.

You can also see a photo gallery of the reunion held on the 22nd:
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