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GOTM June Winner + July Polls
News posted 13th September, 2020 by Joshtek  

The winner of June's Game of the Month (#372) is Dungeon of Fears by LordHannu

We have now started voting for July's Game of the Month. The contenders are:

We also have a new poll, asking how many Klik games you have purchased. This excludes example games but includes games you specifically paid for (e.g. Five Nights at Freddy's or Spud's Quest), Humble Bundle games and voluntary donations to authors. Some commercial Klik games are listed at Clickteam's Indie Game Creator's page. Feel free to talk about your favourites in the comments!

In other news, Picture Me This Round #50 is underway and Kliktopia is up to 1,847 entries!

Posted by BigAl0104 15th September, 2020

Did not expect to see my two joke games make it into the July GOTM poll.
Comment edited by BigAl0104 on 15/09/2020
Posted by LordHannu 15th September, 2020

I won? Thanks everybody! Did not expect that. Im glad =
Posted by BigAl0104 15th September, 2020

Posted by MonadoBoy64 15th September, 2020

Posted by UrbanMonk 18th September, 2020

Soldier Men 2 for sure.
Posted by Joshtek 19th September, 2020

Picture Me This Round 51 begins:


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