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A new month, a new name
News posted 1st April, 2021 by Joshtek  

When this site launched around two decades ago it was named The Daily Click.

This name worked well for a long time, but now the updates are closer to being monthly and the focus is on Clickteam Fusion rather than Click & Create.

As such, on this very special day we are excited to announce the bold decision to adopt a new name for a new era:

According to our new brand manager Flair Loop: "We consulted 25% of The Daily Click's active userbase, which turned out to be two search bots name Dab and Koje. They loved the new name, so we're sure that you will too! Starting from today (1st April) we will be rolling out our new corporate identity across the board to create maximum synergy. With a name like this, the sky is the limit".

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Posted by yma 1st April, 2021

seems legit
Posted by MonadoBoy64 1st April, 2021

I'm getting April Fools Vibes from this
Comment edited by MonadoBoy64 on 01/04/2021
Posted by Joshtek 1st April, 2021

What gave it away?
Posted by BigAl0104 1st April, 2021

Posted by UrbanMonk 1st April, 2021

Appreciate the effort put into the new logo. Very nice.
Posted by MonadoBoy64 2nd April, 2021

It saying the change will happen on April 1st.
Posted by Joshtek 2nd April, 2021

Due to circumstances beyond our control the name change has been delayed indefinitely (perhaps until next 1st April).
Posted by MonadoBoy64 2nd April, 2021

Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 3rd April, 2021

Now, if only we could get some other news, like, when, if ever, will we hear any more news about F3.
Comment edited by Indigo Steel Shield on 03/04/2021
Posted by Joshtek 3rd April, 2021

I think from Clickteam's perspective there is no benefit to them of promoting Fusion 3 before it's almost ready because they don't want to dissuade people from buying Fusion 2.5.

However, there is some Fusion 2.5+ update so I'll make a post about it...
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 3rd April, 2021

That is a GREAT point! Hopefully we will hear something this year.....
Posted by Radix 8th April, 2021

who logs in more than once a decade anyway
Posted by OMC 14th April, 2021

This is a good internet.


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