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Locked 7 has been... unlocked!
News posted 12th April, 2021 by Joshtek  

In the most recent poll on how many Klik games you have purchased, sixteen said you had bought none, thirteen said 1-3, two said 4-7, two said 8-15 and four said 16+. I've bought many over the years, but one of the very first I got was Ap-Software's Locked 7 back in 1999, where I was one of around 56 people to get the it on a physical CD.

Locked 7 is an action puzzle adventure RPG with top-down fights and mazes (and a number of mini-games) made by The Daily Click's Rikus Kras (alongside Rene Kras, Jack Kwakman and Lucas Granito). The original source code was lost in around 1999.

The good news is that Rikus recently found the old source code after having been prompted by Jack Kwakman (one of the Locked 7 graphics artists) and myself via Twitter. Rikus has now re-released the game for free on the Kliktopia archive, and so we now we have a version which works on modern PCs and includes the missing movies, ending credits, and save/load feature which was omitted from the 'light' version that was released in 2006. Click here to download the full re-release of Locked 7 for free.

I've added the game to The Daily Click's Klik Museum and made it an entry at Kliktopia (which also features other Locked games and entries from Amazing Productions).

Posted by yma 12th April, 2021

i remember purchasing tgf pro in 2001, still use it to this day, the same serial number thing that is
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Posted by Jankoleti 24th April, 2021

I cant get past the guards
Posted by Joshtek 24th April, 2021

You're not supposed to get past the guards at first, they get unlocked once you further progress the story.

Some tips / a mini walkthrough (from memory, so might be slightly inaccurate): You need to talk to one ball to find out they lost a certain object and then talk to a different ball to obtain that object (if you talked to that ball earlier they wouldn't have mentioned it, so you would need to talk to them again). You then you need to deliver the object to the ball who lost it and they'll give you money. You can use this money to pay for fight training, which then allows you to go past the guards.
Posted by Jankoleti 27th April, 2021

Oh, thank you I will try it tonight


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