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Locked 7 (Full Version)
Author: Museum CareTaker Submitted: 12th April, 2021 Favourites:0
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Edited By Joshtek on 12/04/2021

This game was originally sold on CD, but this is a special re-release that works on Windows 10 produced by Rikus Kras for Kliktopia in 2021.

* Cursor keys to move.
* Press CTRL/SHIFT to shoot (when you get the relevant ability).
* At the start, you can press 'escape' or the space bar to skip the intro.

Programming: Rikus Kras
Graphics: Jack Kwakman and Lucas Granito
Music: Rene Kras
Assistance with the re-relase: Josh Dowen (Joshtek)

Background: *

Locked is a magical world filled with...balls! In the land of Locked live balls. But no normal balls. No, these balls have eyes, a mouth arms and legs. They can talk and walk and just do all the things people do on earth. Everyone is happy on that planetÖ until one day...on an evil day...a demon called Ozark that was banned from Locked land many years ago, has found a way to break free and he is not happy. No, he is really mad. He wants to make all the balls his slaves so they can serve him. But only the ball with the arrow can save them. And guess who that ball is? Yes, you the main character in the game: Mr. Ball. Mr. Ball is a young adult ball who lives with his wife in a nice house. But on that evil day he finally can leave to save the planet. To destroy Ozark, Mr. Ball has to find 4 magic stones. The 4 magic stones are hidden in 4 kingdoms in locked land. Itís no easy task, but Mr. Ball is the right ball for the job. Locked is a big game filled with many characters. You can talk to ALL the characters in the game, ask things and you can even sing with some of them to complete a puzzle.

Locked started back in 1997. The game was very carefully planned. We first made a story board, and our graphic artist Jack Kwakman made some sketches of the first characters. Then the drawing was scanned and colored. After that Rikus would make the 3D characters based on the original 2D character. Some of the puzzles where first planned on paper to see if they would work well in the game. Itís very important to put things on paper first. Jack made more than 100 drawings on paper for Locked, and most of them are used for the game. The programming in Locked is also very special. We made a cool talking engine so it was possible for us to let the characters speak, move, talk and ask questions. There is also an inventory in the game. This proved to be a big challenge for the programmer Rikus Kras. The music is 100% original and made by Rene Kras. The tunes fit the game perfectly. More than 21 songs are used in the game. The game also uses voices. This means that every character in the game has his own voice and talks. It took a while to record the voices because the game has so many different characters. The voices are really funny to listen to. Locked also used 3 cut scenes to tell the story. Most of the 3D scenes are made by Lucas Granito, a very talented person. Locked is made by Ap-Software. A lot of time went into the production of this game so we hope you will like the game.

* Based on a post by Rikus to back in 2006, which in turn is taken on the old Locked 7 page from the AP-Zone.

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