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An onslaught of Click games!
News posted 29th January, 2022 by Joshtek  

I hope you have some time to play, as a real bounty of new Click games have been released!

First off, two new games have been submitted to The Daily Click:

  • Synthetic Onslaught, an anime-themed real time strategy game by Ishmaru (pictured).
  • Bixi'z OdysseY, a platformer by Jabber which will only be free for a few mores days (and will then be only available commercially)

Ishmaru has helpfully provided a video so you can check out what Synthetic Onslaught is like:

If you have been following Clickteam Clickteam's Twitter account then you may have heard that they are currently running The Matrice gamejam on The prizes are pretty sweet, and entries are due by the 23rd of February (or 24th depending on your timezone) so you still have 25 days left to get creating!

Want to see what can be accomplished in half an hour? Head over to Clickteam's YouTube channel to check out the many great entries to Clickteam's 30 Minute Game Creation competition. Or, if you want to check out what can be done on the professional end, Clickteam has posted a showcase for their professional game conservation service.

Speaking of commercial games, you may be interested to know that Velocity Noodle is now available on Steam. It is a cool-looking commercial Clickteam Fusion 2.5 cyberpunk-theme game.

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