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Synthetic Onslaught
Author: Ishmaru Submitted: 21st January, 2022 Favourites:1
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 122

Synthetic Onslaught Is an Anime RTS/Action Shooter Hybrid. You play as Yume the young leader of a resistance force of synthetic humans powered by advanced AI to combat Demonic dark matter super soldiers of CHRONOS, and their mission to enforce a new world order.

Controls: WSAD Yume walk.
Mouse Aim/move cursor.
Left Mouse Shoot, Right Mouse use Skill.
Hold Shift to enter Command Mode, release to return to Move Mode.
Shift + Left Mouse over unit to select unit.
Shift + Left Mouse over terrain issue move order.
Shift + Right mouse Deselect unit.
Shift + click and drag to box select.
Spacebar open/close build menu.
1,2,3 select control groups, CTRL + 1,2,3 Set control Groups.
Shift + S stop selected units.
Shift + A select all units.
Shift + X scatter units.
ESC Cancel messages/close menus.

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 (62 mb )

Posted by UrbanMonk 1st February, 2022

How does one download this? I couldn't find a download link on that site. It's very confusing.
Posted by Ishmaru 23rd February, 2022

@UrbanMonk Its towards the top of the page in the center. Or after the Screenshot section.





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