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Zorpon, DESERTFETCHER and CF2.5 build 294
News posted 17th July, 2022 by Joshtek  

Hello fellow Clickers. I've been working my computer hard in the hot UK weather to render for you an interview with Lukas about his upcoming video game Zorpon that I recorded yesterday.

Truly understanding Zorpon shall surely put you on the road of enlightenment. To keep an eye on the game check out You can also check out the trailer:

We've had a few new games added to The Daily Click recently and the most recent is DESERTFETCHER, an arcade-style game by Peeblo where you play as a little creature walking left and right.

Screenshot of the game DESERTFETCHER

And last, but not least, Clickteam have released Build 294.1 beta which users of the non-Steam version of CF2.5 can get from the Product Owner's Lounge forum. The Steam version of the beta should come in about a week. As you might have guessed from watching the trailer I posted in April, the changelog is quite long indeed.

Posted by LordHannu 24th November, 2022

Thanks for sharing! Fun with game dev interviews. Welcome to sweden Lukas!


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