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"20 Crappy Games"
News posted 28th January, 2023 by Liquixcat  
Here is 20 Crappy Games to hold you over until my Birthday, March 3rd, donations welcome. To me. The birthday boy. Not BigAl0104 whose birthday it most certainly is not.

"Congratulations! You have gotten your hands on 20 of the most crappiest games ever made. Everything from a teddy bear dress-up game to a pearl fishing game. Also featuring an apple catching game, a pretty tedious RPG quest, a pizzeria simulator, a pretty mind-numbing shooting gallery, etc. This collection has everything you could possibly imagine! "

How can you now LOVE that?

Download the very awesome, but totally crappy games here!

Posted by BigAl0104 29th January, 2023

Oh wow, I did not expect to make the front page on this ONE game.

Also yes, it is not going to be my birthday as it is on December 22nd.
Posted by Joshtek 12th February, 2023

Good to see you posting Liquixcat. Looking forward to what you might post on your actual birthday
Posted by BigAl0104 3rd March, 2023

Welp... it's March 3rd. Happy birthday Liquixcat!
Posted by Liquixcat 6th March, 2023

Thanks BigAl


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