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Difficulty poll results, new art style poll and new re-release!
News posted 26th May, 2023 by Joshtek  

We have the result from our poll "What difficulty do you typically prefer for Click / indie games you play?" are in.

Most people went with "Normal", with 13 people (57%) choosing this option. This indicates that normal difficulty seems to be doing its job as it is what people normally go for. Second most popular was Hard, which 8 people (35%) opted for. Nobody went for Nightmare, but both Easy and Impossible had 1 vote.

I usually prefer starting with "Normal" and then increase or decrease the difficulty depending on if it is too easy or hard, so I do like it when I can change difficulty 'mid-game'. However, I can appreicate how completing a game at a harder difficulty is one way to get a "New Game+". Feel free to share your thoughts from a gamer or develoepr perspective in the comments!

Anyway, onto the next poll question which is: "What art style do you prefer for indie games?". If you tend to opt for a particular style in your own games I'd be interested in knowing more about why.

In other news, we have an new Download for The Daily Click: A 2023 re-release of ONYX by Adrian Clyde (who has been a TDCer since 2008), an RPG game made with RPG Maker 2000 with other 30 hours of gameplay, 11 playable characters and a dark, mature story.

Posted by Yai7 2nd June, 2023

I had to make new games so you will have more news.
Posted by Joshtek 2nd June, 2023

You make 'em, I post 'em, everyone plays 'em.
Posted by Yai7 10th June, 2023

I was nice to you up to this point, Care to lend me some DC points which I am gonna keep for myself without considering giving them to anyone back?
Posted by Yai7 10th June, 2023

Your website exists because people like me allows it to happen, care to refill my DC points back to the value of 3200?


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